Japan attacks Pearl Harbor

By: Trebor Mason

The year Japan attacks Pearl Harbor

On December 7,1941 hundreds of Japanese fighting planes attacked the American base of Pearl Harbor near Honolulu, Hawaii. When Japan attacked pearl harbor they had woke a sleeping giant with no doubt. Sixteen Americans would go and drive Japan and Germany into surrender. The Japanese plan was simple and it was to destroy the pacific fleet so that the Americans could not fight back as the japans armed forces spread across the south pacific.

New York Times/Japan news

New York Times stated that Hawaii had no warning that an attack from Japan would happen on Pearl Harbor. Japan saw it as that they are going to be able to expand and have power over the Pacific. The new York times saw it as that the US had to enter another World War. Japan news saw it as they got to have power and expand their country over the Pacific.

Bias by selection of source

The news media interviewed the survivor's of the pearl harbor attack and it was a sad story that was told. The news media did not go over and interview the Japanese to get their side of the war.


Wednesday, December 17 - Admiral Chester W. Nimitz becomes the new commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. He took the Pacific Fleet to a victory over the Japanese navy.

turining point in the war

The battle of Midway was the turning point when the United States took control of the war and made new vessels and attacked the Japanese navy.
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