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~ April 20 - 24, 2020 ~


April 27 - May 10 - Online Spring Book Fair

May 25 - NO SCHOOL, Holiday

Yearbook Orders

Don't miss your shot at getting a yearbook to document this truly unique school year!

We will be ordering yearbooks online this year.

You can order your yearbook online here. Deadline is May 15, 2020

Online Book Fair

Our Spring Book Fair is still happening - and let's be honest, a few new titles for our kids is just what we need right now, right?!

The OCE Online Spring Book Fair will run from April 27 - May 10th. Parents can order through our specified site here and books will ship directly to your home. OCE will earn 25% of the profits to use in Scholastic Dollars for our school.

NOTE: The website does say the fair is on May 2nd, but that's an algorithm error on the Scholastic site they unfortunately can't change. The fair will run from April 27 - May 10 and we'll be sure to keep you updated here at the Beacon on on our school Facebook page.

Happy Reading!


No Fuss Fundraiser

You can continue to donate to the No Fuss Fundraiser!

Click here to donate with a credit card anytime this year. A link is also included at the bottom of this newsletter.

PLEASE NOTE, you will still be contacted about our other fundraisers, it will be your choice to participate.

100% of your donation goes to the OCE PTA.


4/3 - Rebecca Beech

4/4 - Brittany Cabaleiro

4/7 - Sandra Duguid

4/10 - Jessica Boylan

4/11 - Christy Trybus

4/17 - Dwayne Williams

4/21 - Travis Hines

4/30 - Jennifer Dunn

4/30 - Michelle Newberger


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