Shannon Hyman

School Librarian

Professional Qualifications

As a teacher, instructional partner, and program administrator, I develop and manage an award-winning 21st Century library. Within my first year as a librarian, I successfully renovated a 40 year old space into a thriving, energized learning commons through careful planning, networking, grant writing, creative repurposing, and hard work. The instructional program is framed by Virginia’s Standards of Learning and AASL’s Standards for the 21st Century Learner. Our mission is simple and significant: Empowering students to become critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users and creators of information. Through engaging, student centered learning experiences, our goal is to make staff and students learners for life. The library program is characterized by point-of-need training for staff and students with lively, flexible spaces for sharing and learning.

My strong work ethic is fueled by my desire to learn new skills, solve problems, discern alternatives, and forge new paths. I work closely with the building administrators to create and integrate school-wide themes and initiatives with originally designed logos and effective promotional techniques. As the recipient of local, state, and national awards, my professional success is a direct result of the value I place on building and nurturing relationships. I have a passion for cutting-edge ideas and tools, and a reflective disposition which allows me to keep instruction relevant and fresh.

My comprehensive work experience from pre-school through 8th grade enables me to to understand the range of literacy needs and developmental levels of children from early literacy through established readers. I have an instructional vision that includes a balance of developmental awareness, innovative techniques, and content knowledge. I model the importance of sharing knowledge in a participatory culture not only through my instructional models, but also through my consistent publication in professional journals and contributions to social media. My diverse and nationally recognized experience qualifies me to join the planning team to open Kaechele Elementary School, Henrico County’s newest, high-profile elementary school.

What Is a 21st Century Library?

Training and Instruction -Empowering Students and Staff - Maximizing Impact

Student Research Process

For a year I researched the best practices for student inquiry, looking for a fresh, clean approach to inquiry that allowed for reflection and embedded higher level thinking skills. The result is SEEKit, a process now being used all over the state.

21st Century Lessons

Please browse below samples of Collaborative 21st Century Lessons.

Staff Training Sessions

Staff training sessions provide the space and time to team, train, and build capacity for departmental strategies, school-wide initiatives, and state and national networking. Please browse a few samples of training sessions I designed and facilitated.

Sample Video and Graphic Design Work

The school setting allows me to utilize and express my passions for design and technology. Below are a few samples of promotional and design work I have created at the school and county levels.

Web Design

Byrd Library Learning Commons Blog

iCafe Renovation and Development

Book Fair Promotion and Fun

I LOVE this Book!
Barnes and Noble 2011

Book Trailer and Author Event Promotion

2011 All Henrico Reads | Wish You Well | David Baldacci

School Wide Events

Digital Learning Day

DIgital Learning Day @Byrd Middle School

Loud Library Lunches

Loud Library Lunch Events | Music and Art in Our Schools Month

Thriller Media Literacy Promotion...

Thriller Media Literacy Event

...and Coverage of the Event

Thriller Lessons

Awards and Publications

2010 Virginia School Library of the Year

2010 Recipient of Henrico21 Award

2010 Recipient of Henrico Education Foundation Innovation Grant

2011 Frances Henne Award

2011 Henrico County Libraries named National School Library Program of the Year

2012 National Award Winner for Best Impact Video for Digital Learning Day

2012 Recipient of Henrico Education Foundation Innovation Grant

Hyman, S. "Creating Virtual Spaces." Knowledge Quest in press, May (2013) Print.

Hyman, S. (May/June 2012). "How do we figure out a way to assess efficiently with fidelity and consistency without compromising authenticity?" in "Nudging toward inquiry: Sharpening our approach to summative assessment." by K. Fontichiaro. School Library Monthly.

Hyman, S. (2011). "You had me at 'hello'." in School libraries: what's now, what's next, what's yet to come. ed. K. Fontichiaro and B. Hamilton. eBook. .


American Library Association

American Association of School Librarians

Virginia Association of School Librarians

Virginia Education Association

Parent Teacher Association

Henrico Education Foundation


Content-driven, student-centered lessons infused with effective skills for accessing, evaluating, and sharing information prepare our students to succeed as 21st Century citizens. To succeed as a school community, we must invest in the power of teaming with others to exponentially increase the impact and build capacity of our vision.

I believe it isn't enough to simply teach a child to read; we must empower them with books that speak to them personally. We must carefully craft an engaging environment that provides flexible access and creates a thirst for the experience only the perfect book can quench. We must cultivate a passion for inquiry and learning.

As the librarian, I will support the vision of the principal and work to build a culture of learning that is innovative, energized, and authentic- fueled by 21st Century instruction, technology and multiple literacies. This culture will be reflected in:

  • The flexible design of the spaces
  • Well-organized planning time for instructional teams to cultivate collaboration
  • Targeted training of teachers (corporately and at point of need)
  • Inspired, exemplary instruction that leads to student-driven learning, resulting in strong work ethic
  • The immersion of students and staff in books (multiple formats, interests, genres, and levels) to promote lifelong readers
  • Partnerships with the community to foster mentor and service opportunities
  • A school communication procedure which will clearly and consistently transmit the school’s mission and vision to our entire school community.

The library program will be seamlessly connected to the classroom through flexible access to the space, and careful collaborative planning. I will:

  • Empower students to be motivated and independent learners through curriculum-based lessons which integrate information literacy, skillful research and inquiry, ethical use of technology, and critical thinking learning experiences.
  • Create project based lessons and content-based interactive stations where students engage in learning choices and self-assessments.
  • Harness (and model) the power of technology to support learning experiences, provide access to materials, and develop digitally literate, responsible and ethical users of information.
  • Encourage students and staff to read independently to pursue personal and educational areas of interest and become enthusiastic readers, creating a culture of literacy.
  • Intentionally curate resources and materials which are aligned to the Standards of Learning and the culture of the school.
  • Model and teach an organized, efficient retrieval of information and use of materials and resources.

My vision for the library space is to:

  • Foster a welcoming learning commons in a flexible, intellectual and social space where students and teachers gather ideas, exchange points of view, and learn together.
  • Ensure equal access to the library and our resources before, during and after school as well as virtually through a library website.
  • Provide living “maker spaces” for students to build, create, invent and explore.



School Librarian with over 4 years of experience administering an award-winning, innovative library, and 20 years of experience teaching and administering in private and public schools, Preschool-8th grade.

Work History

2009-PRESENT School Librarian

Harry F. Byrd Middle School

Provides instruction, resources, training, curriculum development, administration, grant writing, web design, and collaborative planning/instruction in an information rich culture.

Selected as Virginia’s School Library of the Year, 2009-2010.

2008-2009 Library Assistant, Graduate Student

Greenwood Elementary School, Henrico County Public Schools

Longwood University

Developed programing and provided support for a first year librarian.

Completed graduate work and integrated project based units for

collaborative instruction.

2008 Teacher, PRIME

Springfield Park Elementary School, Henrico County Public Schools

Planned and Implemented intervention reading and math instruction for at-risk students in

grades 1-5

2007-2008 Teacher

Saint Mary’s Catholic School

Developed and implemented curriculum for the Sixth Grade Language Arts program

Received and implemented training in the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme

2006 -2007 Teacher

Springfield Park Elementary School, Henrico County Public Schools

Developed curriculum to work with a hearing impaired student with multiple learning deficiencies

Worked individually to meet the student’s needs through a variety of delivery models including shadowing, modeling, direct teaching, language immersion and kinesthetic connection

2001-2007 Art Teacher/Administrative Assistant

Derbyshire Nursery School

Developed and implemented an art curriculum for preschool children integrating foundational fine motor skills, art appreciation, various styles and materials

Created a computer database for the school, assisted in organization of curriculum and designed and published brochures and various parent/community communications

1999-2001 Director

Mom’s Free Morning at Derbyshire Baptist Church

Reorganized, developed and ran a preschool program serving over 200 children, and a staff of 28 teachers

Responsibilities included curriculum and staff development, research, budget creation and implementation, ordering supplies, teacher and parent communication, enrollment, record keeping, payroll, scheduling, placement, licensing, hiring, classroom design, and coordination with future programming

1995-1999 Teacher, 4 year olds, Pre-K

Derbyshire Nursery School

Facilitated children’s social and cognitive development by developing various play experiences, materials and pre-reading activities

Developed a strong, positive program to prepare children for kindergarten and promote a positive attitude about school and learning

Established positive relationships with parents through conferences, phone calls and newsletters

Developed and conducted a variety of special programs for children and their families

1989-1995 Teacher, 1st and 2nd Grade

Pinchbeck Elementary School, Henrico County Public Schools

Served as Grade Level Chairperson, directing and developing

curriculum and instruction

Supervised two student teachers

Piloted and developed a looping model to increase core knowledge and lessen transitions of first and second graders

Served on various accreditation committees

Participated in Focus Group for the interviewing and hiring process of the

Director of Elementary Education


2008-2009 Longwood University

Master of Science Degree in Education with a Concentration in Library Media

1989-2008 University of Richmond, University of La Verne, and Virginia Commonwealth University

Various graduate level courses in specialty areas of reading, math, literature, and technology

May, 1989 Virginia Commonwealth University

Bachelor of Science

Early Childhood Education, NK-4

Magna Cum Laude

Recent Publications

2011-13 Hyman, S. "Creating Virtual Spaces." Knowledge Quest in press, May

(2013) Print.

Hyman, S. (May/June 2012). "How do we figure out a way to assess efficiently with fidelity and consistency without compromising authenticity?" in "Nudging toward inquiry: Sharpening our approach to summative assessment." by K. Fontichiaro. School Library Monthly.

Hyman, S. (2011). "You had me at 'hello'." in School libraries: what's

now, what's next, what's yet to come. ed. K. Fontichiaro and B. Hamilton.eBook. .


2012-13 Henrico Education Foundation Grant recipient for Closing the Gap

with iSMART | Integrated Science/Math Altered Repeated Text

2011-12 Video selected for Best Middle School Impact Video submission in

the nation for Digital Learning Day sponsored by Alliance for

Excellent Education

2010-11 AASL Frances Henne Award for Leadership

Promotional Video for David Baldacci’s Wish You Well chosen to be

used on the author’s official site

2009-10 Virginia’s School Library of the Year

Henrico Education Foundation Grant recipient for Innovative eReader program

Henrico 21 Winner for 21st Century Learning