Malaysian Hair Extensions

Brazilian Hair Extensions

Malaysian and Brazilian Hair Extensions Suitable For Your Hair

There are different types of hair extensions available in the market: Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian and Peruvian. But which one will suit you? Undoubtedly the Malaysian hair extensions are amongst the top choices.

Malaysian hairs are originally obtained from Malaysia. It is during ceremonies in Malaysian temple, people donate their hairs to god affirming their spiritual commitment. Hence, Malaysian hairs are collected from the temples. Since, this practice is uncommon in Malaysia it is difficult to obtain such kind of hairs.

Malaysian hair extensions are available in straight, curly and wavy hair types. Malaysian virgin hair with closure is available in light brown to dark brown range. Hair texture is more or less straight with slight waves. Unlike Indian and Brazilian hair extensions which are coarse type, Malaysian hairs are silky soft in touch.

Malaysian body wave when compared to Brazilian body wave is thicker. Extremely soft and shiny Brazilian hair weave bundles have a natural wave pattern that blends well with the coarse and medium texture hair. They are held well in almost any atmospheric condition and suit best to African/Afro-Caribbean descent women.

Malaysian Curly hair is best to purchase when they are steam curled. They are slightly coarse, thick and have luxurious curls. The natural Malaysian curls don’t need any additional holding sprays or curling products. Generally chemical treatment of hair, damages the hair cuticles.

Hence when purchased from a genuine supplier the Malaysian hair extensions would definitely enhance your look and beautiful qualities. Read more about: Brazilian virgin hair body wave