Death Cloud

By: Andrew Lane


young Sherlock Holmes was on break from his boarding school in England and was staying with his aunt and uncle he has never met before in their big house in Hampshire. There were to deaths and Sherlock decided to investigate them with he help of his american tutor Amyus Crow. Sherlock then starts his education about detection and brilliantly planned out crimes.

How I visualize Sherlock

how I visualize Sherlock Holmes is a young kid who wears sort of a dress coat. I imagine him like that because he cromes from England and many men wear those just normally. I also imagine him very formal not like kids these days with gym shorts and sporty clothes.

The Characters

What I Think Sherlock Would Bring On Vacation with Him

I think Sherlock would bring on vacation with him would be a magnifying glass just in case he needs to do some investigating.