My agriculture job

seed salesman

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The education to become a seeds salesman

To become this job you need a bachelors degree. These can be in business, marketing, or in related fields. That is what education you need to be a seeds salesman.

What they do during the day

They give farmers the latest farming technologies that are decision-making tools for their farms. They give farmers information about elite seed genetics and the latest Monsanto trait innovations to help their farms. They also travel to places to help other farmers and give them tips about how to improve their crops.

How this job apply to agriculture

It apply's to Ag. by without it most farmers wouldn't get the newest technology. Also they wouldn't know how to uses things more efficiently. That is how it apply's to Ag.

Here are some fun facts about Seeds salesman

1.These workers market on 6 continents.

2.In 2014 the fiscal year 2014 were $81.2 billion.

3.If you sell machinery you can make almost $8,000 more dollars.

How much do they make

On average a seeds sales man makes $52,440 a year. That is the average but in some places the highest you can make is about $76,000 a year.