Digital Citizenship

By Paris TeBrink

Digital Footprints

A digital footprint is a trail of what you have put on the internet. Whatever you put on the internet cannot be taken off even if you delete it. It leaves personal information about yourself for others to see. So maybe when your trying to get a job and you go to a job interview, they will look at your digital footprint online. They might see something inappropriate that you put on the internet and decide not to give you the job. A digital footprint is whatever you put or say online that stays on the internet for anyone to see.

Grandma Rule

The Grandma Rule is whatever you would post online you would want your grandma seeing. So its like saying would you be embarrassed if any family member saw it, so is it appropriate.

Easy bib lets you put in a link to a website and it will give you all information on it so you dont steal information you give the person credit.

Internet Safety

The internet is an awesome way to search for information, and look up stuff for school, and search stuff at your job. But the internet isn't always the safest place! There are people that can steal your information. That is why it is important to keep your personal information private. Like on facebook you can change your setting to private so only people you accept to be your friend can look at that information. You can tell if websites are safe by seeing if they have https means its safe, but if it is http it isn't as safe.

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If you are a digital citizenship you will cite information you got from someone/something.
Be a Digital Citizen

Password Security

Whenever you are making a password on any account make sure to have atleast 21 characters or more.

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