Huge wildfire spreading through Alberta

About the issue

One of the biggest issues happening right now, is the huge wildfire, in Alberta, Mcmurray. Though most would think, this is a man made fire, the truth is that it was caused because of climate change. It has destroyed more than 1,600 structures, and threatens to destroy the whole town! More than 150 firefighters are trying their best battling it, with hundreds more on their way, from other provinces!

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Possible Solution and What you could do to help

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Experts say that rain is the only thing that can stop the forest fire in Alberta, Fort McMurray. This is because the wildfire came because the ground outside was very dry. So if it were to rain, the trees close to it will get wet, so the fire doesn't have anything left to burn.

WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP: Really, the only thing you can do to help, is donate. One very good organization you can donate to is: The Canadian Red Cross.

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