Newton's 100

By Madison Riley


When my partner and I started this project, we had a bad start. We had a car that was made out of cut out card board and held together with rubber bands. The wheels didnt have much friction ether be ause they were also made out of card board. Soon we started to rethink our idea and said that we needed to just get a shoe box and some paint and start over. We used CD wheels and a lot of tape and glue. It soon started to get a bit frustrating when the wheels kept breaking and we had to remake them over and over again. Soon it started to make some progress and it went farther and farther til it went 100cms. And was able to compete in the speed semi finals.


Trial 1/Trial 2/Trail 3 Dist.:106.6./Dist.:259.3./Dist.:315.6 Sp.:2.14./Sp.:3.64./Sp.:2.95Total.:50.4./Total.:71.3./Total.:108.5.

The three laws of motion

Car made by Madison Riley and Claudia Murphy :)