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January 2020

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Recognizing Student Achievement

There are lots of ways that we recognize student achievement. For academic achievement each trimester, students with straight A grades earn High Honors. Students with straight A and B grades earn Honors. The academic program at OMS is challenging, and we recognize those students who are working hard to meet with success in their classes. This year, students earning Honors or High Honors will be given a special school day treat in the cafeteria during school. The full list of students with High Honors and Honors is below.

The Knights of Honor Roll recognizes students for exhibiting positive behavior and attitude. Each month students are selected by teachers for a focus trait, and their names are announced on the OMS Knightly News. Their names are displayed right next to those with High Honors and Honors for academic distinction. Here are our Knights of Honor so far this year.

Being Polite

Grade 6

Nora Okoh

Shiv Naik

Katerina Nunez

Grade 7

Giovanni Ortiz

Lilliana Pantier

Ledio Bastos

Grade 8

John Victor Ramos

Richard Ferreira

Armando Barbosa


Grade 6

Jacoby Matos

Noah Schwenzfeier

Xavier Smith

Grade 7

Mark Carafa

Danica Grant

Leah McCarty

Grade 8

Mohammad Alyousfi

Armando Barbosa

Bridget Farley

School Spirit

Grade 6

Kaeleigh Pimentel

Cecelia Squires

Truly Harding

Grade 7

Beethovas Aurelien

Caitlin Driscoll

Derek Bennett

Grade 8

Luis Cassemiro

Jamal Deraville

Sean McGowen

Our next group of students, being recognized for compassion, will be announced very soon. Thank you to the PTSO for purchasing Knights of Honor Roll t-shirts for these students. Check out the group photo with the t-shirts below.

Big picture
Big picture

Project 351

Each year 8th grade students are nominated for consideration as the Ambassador for Project 351. There is no application process for Project 351. Teachers silently nominate 8th grade students who exhibit the qualities of kindness, compassion, humility, generosity of spirit, and an ethic of service to others. All nominated students are recognized here at OMS and at a Stoughton School Committee meeting.

The Ambassador will spend a day in January at the State House in Boston, along with 350 other 8th grade students from around Massachusetts for a day of service.

This year’s Project 351 Ambassador is Nikko Ortiz.

This other nominees from OMS were…

Riad DaVeiga

Aleksandra Lada

Marie-Jeanne Bagunda

Yosra Kaddura

Bunmi Fabikun

Isaac Chavez

Emma Benoit

Jamal Deraville

Morgan Groppi

More about Project 351...

Project 351 celebrates the power of young people as a force for positive change in their communities and our Commonwealth. Through service, leadership development, enrichment, and friendship with a statewide community of peers, Ambassadors build skills and confidence, explore issues, embrace leadership, and motivate a lifetime of service.

What We Believe:

Leaders dream, dedicate, persevere, collaborate, create, inspire, appreciate, and a find a singular and meaningful way to leave their mark on the community and our world.

Project 351 was inspired by an unwavering belief that young people lead in powerful and transformative ways in every community in Massachusetts. And, when united, they are an unstoppable force for kindness, community strength, and a more united and engaged Commonwealth.

We elevate diverse 8th graders who lead with kindness, compassion, humility, and generosity of spirit. We celebrate selfless and courageous acts of service to a cause greater than self. We honor quiet heroes and unsung world changers. We illuminate moments of transformation and celebrate unity and inclusion.

Below, you will find a group photo of our nominees this year. Also, take a look at the Ambassador video from Project 351 for a look at how wonderful this program really is.

Big picture
Project 351 - Ambassadors

The Winter Concert Series

Excellence is a word that is often used in education. But what does excellence look like? Look no further than the Winter Concert Series. Our award-winning instrumental and vocal music programs are second to none. Teachers and students dedicate themselves to excellence in their practice, their persistence, and ultimately their performance. The concerts that result are an enormous gift for audiences and a genuine source of pride for our entire school community.

The Grade 7 & 8 Choral Concert was outstanding. The 7th & 8th Grade Band Concert and the 6th Grade Winter Concert will no doubt be just as impressive. If you haven't been to one of our concerts before, and you want to see what excellence sounds like, get to one.

Big picture

Grades 7 & 8 Band Concert

Wednesday, Jan. 15th, 7:30pm

232 Pearl Street

Stoughton, MA

Big picture
Big picture

Grade 6 Concert, Band and Chorus

Wednesday, Jan. 22nd, 7:30pm

232 Pearl Street

Stoughton, MA

Attention 8th Grade Students and Families

It's hard to believe that we are nearly at the halfway point of the school year already. 8th grade is full of so many exciting happenings and events. There are lots of activities designed to make the end of 8th grade a really memorable experience for students and families here at OMS, and you will hear more about these events as the end of the year approaches.

On Monday, January 27th, Stoughton High School will be hosting 8th grade students and families for their 8th Grade Showcase Night at the brand new Stoughton High School. Not only will you be able to see this brand new school, but you will also get to hear all about the schedule and academic offerings, athletics and activities.

In February and March 8th graders will be selecting their courses for SHS, and the Showcase Night is a great way to get valuable information to help start that process.

Grade 8 Showcase Night @ Stoughton High School

Monday, Jan. 27th, 6:30pm

232 Pearl Street

Stoughton, MA

In the Stoughton High School Auditorium...

See the new Stoughton High School.

Meet the administration and staff.

Learn all about the academics, athletics, and activities offered at SHS.

Big picture