By: Anna

Below is a paragraph about earthquakes

Earthquakes can cause terrible disasters. According to National Geographic Kids, the surface of the earth is not one solid piece. It is made of many smaller pieces, and each piece is a tectonic plate. An earthquake starts when two or more tectonic plates interfere, or bump. Eventually, the ground starts shaking because of the plates shifting, making an earthquake. An earthquake with an immense amount of power can motivate other disasters to arrive, like landslides. The other storms after the quake are not as severe as the starter disaster. Unfortunately, an earthquake cannot be anticipated, geologists are hoping they can be predicted later on with better technology (Earthquake). If we do not know when an earthquake will form and shake our world, it can cause more damage. We would not be prepared, so valuable items (sentimentally and economically) inside and out can shatter from the shaking. Although, earthquakes destroy only part of land, some can be sensed from thousands of miles away. To conclude, earthquakes can cause terrible disasters.

Below is a poem about earthquakes


The plates embedded in the Earth,

Shifting like a toddler in a stroller.

The flowers dancing, when the ground starts shaking.

The plates move as fast as our hair grows in a year.

Now, those flowers will become shriveled leaves.

Destruction horrid looking with flowing debris.

The smell of foundation is what's left of past immaculate houses.

Deaths come from windows shattering and fires burning

Earthquakes are the starter to tsunamis, slides, and floods.

The quakes are pigs, when eating up lives

Alaska can have 24,000 of these perish machines a year.

It was as if someone like Hercules came and shook the whole world.


Below is a link for more fascinating information about earthquakes

Below is a video of locations with earthquakes. You will notice the rooms start shaking.

Above, is a video is interesting because it shows how an earthquake can do great damage, but then takes patience to re-build.
Big image

Above is picture that shows the damage from an earthquake in China.

Big image

Above is a picture from a Japan earthquake, and as you can see there is some moisture on the ground.





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