Mind Uploading

by Darryel and Kayla

Background Info

Mind uploading , also known as brain emulation , is the idea of a conscious mind (from a brain) and mapping it to computer-based system. This simulated mind could be connected to things such as a humanoid robot. This idea was suggested in biomedical literature in 1971.

Serial sectioning is one way of making this idea work.

serial sectioning

-in which the brain tissue and perhaps other parts of the nervous system are frozen and then scanned and analyzed layer by layer, which for frozen samples at nano-scale requires a cryo-ultramicrotome, thus capturing the structure of the neurons and their interconnections

-If this process is made possible the great minds could be recorded and backed up-eliminating the risk of death to their ideas

-This idea could allow humans to live forever

Want to Upload Your Brain? Science Fiction Comes to Life
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(+)If mapped to a computer system, the thinking process of a brain would be increased nearly two million times. Human neurons exchange signals at a speed of about 150meters per second, however, a computer can send them at the speed of light.

(-)Someone's thoughts and ideas can get into the wrong hands

(-)Easier to steal important information from someone

(+)That person can live on via thoughts

(-)Grants humans immortality

(+)Grants humans immortality

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Bioethicist Recommendation

This idea is ENDORSED because the bioethicist's believe that this can save massive amount of lives.
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