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Week Ending April 8, 2016


Monday, April 11th is #LoveMySchoolDay and we hope you all will join educators around the world as they share what they love about their school. To join in, simply visit #LoveMySchoolDay on Twitter throughout the day on April 11th. Feel free to share pictures, work, ideas, or thoughts that capture what is great about OSE! We also encourage you to interact with the other teachers and help to make this a great day of teachers tweeting around the world! Let's tell our story and give public schools the recognition and praise they deserve!

In keeping with the theme of Love My School, this S'More is packed with love! Below you will find the results of our staff poll "What Do You Love About Old Settlers?", a student produced video about what makes OSE a great place, and some heartwarming comments from our Watch Dogs! Kelly also shares why she loves our wonderful school. And finally, we have included a few links to sites that support #LoveMySchoolDay, including background on how the movement started. Please visit them to learn more and get ready for Monday as we share with the world why we love OSE!

The Principal Ponders

How do I love OSE? Let me count the ways! Actually, there are too many ways to count so here are just a few of the things that make OSE a GREAT PLACE TO BE!

  • A Positive School Culture/Climate

I truly believe that everyone at OSE loves kids and we all work together to create a productive and positive atmosphere in which our students will learn and grow both academically, socially, and emotionally. We strive to create memorable learning experiences for our kids that will help them develop a love for school. This positivity is noticed and acknowledged by everyone who enters our school. They comment about “the feel” of the building as soon as they enter it and how it is such a happy place. Our positivity is contagious and it is just one of the reasons I love Old Settlers!

  • Our Kids

Old Settlers wouldn’t exist without each and every one of the 590 AWESOME kids who make up our school! They all have their own unique SWAG (Students With Amazing Gifts) to offer, which makes them even more awesome! Our kids help and support each other to make sure everyone experiences success. We are blessed with students who are kind and compassionate to their peers and are always looking for ways to help others. Just look at the growth & success of The OSE Giving Tree Club – wow! We have kids that want to make a difference. I am thankful for the opportunity to have these kids walk through our doors everyday.

  • Our Staff

Old Settlers could possibly have the most caring and dedicated staff in the history of education, hands down. Every member of the staff has the desire to see students succeed and will go above and beyond to make sure that it happens. And it doesn’t stop with the students – this staff is a true family. If there is a staff member in need, you can bet that they are on it and there is either food or flowers on the way! And celebrations? OSE staff knows how to celebrate – babies, weddings, divorces(?), last day of school – you name it, we will organize something! We like to have fun, and fun we have, all while providing our students with a top-notch education.

These are just a few of the things that make me LOVE our school. I could go on and on, but I didn’t want to take everyone’s ideas for next week! Ha! I do realize that I may be a little biased when I say how great our school is; however, I wholeheartedly believe it. Our OSE Family (students, staff, parents) is doing great things for kids. And how could anyone not love a place where Anything Goes?? :-)

Staff Poll

Visit the link below to view the results of our staff poll, "Why Do You Love Old Settlers?". The poll is a little slow to load, so when you get to the site, give it a few seconds!

Student-Produced Video

We asked kids, "What makes OSE such a great place?" Watch the video below to see their responses! Thanks to Whitney for helping to get this done!
We love OSE!

#LoveMySchoolDay Links

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Watch Dogs Feedback

Here are some recent comments left by our Watch Dogs on their End-Of-Day surveys. These are responses to the question, "What was the best part of your day?" :

Connecting with the kids of all ages. Enjoyed seeing teachers teach.

Gym class was really fun... All the teachers were really great and worked really hard.

Helping and interacting with the kids. Teachers are fantastic with the kids. Got to read to the kids in the library.

Seeing the pride in my kids eyes and sharing this experience w/ them.

Meeting the kids and being part of their learning experience.

Greeting kids in the morning and offering them encouragement to start the day off full of energy and confidence.

Spending time with child in their classroom environment. It was very re-assuring to see the focus the teachers and staff give to my child as well as others. The teachers did an excellent job!

Watching my children interact with their peers was amazing!

The entire day was amazing. I enjoy the interaction with my child throughout the day the most. It is very rewarding to see the smiles and greetings from them the children in every class.

Interacting with the students and faculty.

Having a girl in first grade say she 'liked me'.....and also receiving feedback from one of the teachers regarding my son's expression at the start-of-day assembly (pride)

Getting to spend time with my two son's and getting to see the excitement on their face's. Watching them learn and interact/get to know their teachers.

Interacting with the kids and seeing their excitement to have me there.

Music Class.

Being treating like a part of the "family" not only by the great staff but also by the great children!

Hearing a girl tell my daughter that her dad is fun.

Recess. It's great to be out there laughing and playing with all the kids.

Recess. It's great to be out there laughing and playing with all the kids.

Helping the kids with their work.

Seeing my children interact in their environment.

Reading to my son's class with him sitting next to me.

Great time with kids. Teachers are awesome!

Spending time with my kids in their classes.

Feeling like the teachers and students really liked having me around!

Being a part of my child's classroom experiene!

Everything is great about the experience!

Learning about activities that each grade participated in.

Reading to children and recess; teachers made me feel welcome.

Having lunch and spending recess with my daughter.

Watching my children interact with their peers, seeing what my kids do during their day.

participating/assisting with my child, classroom, and teacher.

The interaction with the students.

Engaging with the kids in reading and physical education activities. Additionally, being with my two children in the classroom was a wonderful experience.

Helping each grade level with their lessons.

Being able to see what really happens here during the day - how my daughter is learning - and how wonderful the staff is.

How happy my daughter was to have me in the school.

Being able to see my son's class and watch him learn.

Spending time with child in their classroom environment. It was very re-assuring to see the focus the teachers and staff give to my child as well as others. The teachers did an excellent job!

reading and celebrating my daughters birthday at her school.

Spending time with my children and watching them learn.

Being with the kids, getting to experience their daily activities and see all the hard work the teachers put in every day to teach our students.

Playing Go Fish with kindergarten class!

Experiencing the classroom with both my daughters


Roaming the school to help 2nd graders find abbreviations for their class assignment.

Reading a library book to a class. interacting with the children throughout the day. seeing the teachers do a fantastic job.

Getting to spend time with my son and his class.

Helping the kids in all classrooms

It was a great experience overall hard to narrow down. Seeing my children in their classrooms and having Kindergarten class read to me was wonderful!!! Very special and rewarding day!

Watching my child participate in the classroom!

Interacting with the kids./

Playing with all the kindergartners at recess.


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