SRES Administrative Updates


Spring Ridge is a positive, collaborative environment where students are kind, confident, problem solvers prepared for the future.

Strong Alone, Unstoppable Together: Relationships, Rigor, Reflection



31: Daylight Savings Time begins, turn clocks back 1 hour!

Upcoming Dates:


3--Election Day--Schools CLOSED, confirmed during BOE meeting on 10/7/20

6--Last Day Term 1

9--Teacher Work Day; closed for students

10--Term 2 Begins

18th- Virtual Trivia Night--4:15

25, 26, 27--Thanksgiving Break; Schools and offices closed


11--2 hour early dismissal; follow Wednesday schedule, teacher work session

16th-- Virtual Escape Room--4:15

24-31--Schools closed for winter break


1-- New Year's Day; Schools Closed

18--Dr. Martin Luther King Day; Schools and offices closed

20th-- Virtual Paint Night--4:15

29--Schools closed for students; Teacher work day

First student day of 2021-2022 school year-- August 18, 2021

Friday, October 30th

Please remind your students that Friday, October 30th is hat day!! Encourage families to post pictures on our FB page in addition to tweeting at our Twitter handle #SpringRidgeRoos !!

Please note that we should not be promoting students wearing costumes on this day during virtual instruction nor should we, as educators, have costumes on. We know that in a virtual environment, this is more so out of our control, however, please remind students and your families of this and encourage participation in our Spirit Day....HAT DAY!!

Moving on and Moving in

You may have heard that Mr. Hench is leaving us. If not, tomorrow, Friday 10/30 is his last day with us. He will be returning to his role as an art teacher and continue to follow his passion in this area and sharing his talents with students within FCPS. We thank him for all he has done for our students, staff, and SRES as a whole and wish him the very best!

We want to welcome Tracey Frank as our new Coordinator at SRES. Tracey comes with extensive experience in special education and will be a great addition to our administrative team and SRES. We look forward to learning side by side with her in this role. Please welcome her when your paths cross!!

FCPS Equipment

We are having a difficult time obtaining FCPS equipment, resources, materials back from students when they are transferring or leaving the SRES district and/or FCPS as a whole. If you learn of a student who will be leaving SRES, please notify the front office and Sam Dolling to bring this to their attention. Also, please encourage the family to call the front office to schedule an appointment for material and equipment drop-off PRIOR to them leaving.


Please be sure that you are marking student attendance daily. We review this report daily and have found that recently 8-10 classes do not have attendance marked. Hope will be in touch with you to double check on students if this occurred last week.

We understand that you may be waiting until the next day to input attendance. Please make sure that this is input for each day by 9:00 am the following day.

Any questions, please contact Hope and/or Carmen.

Virtual Hoppy Store--ACTION ITEM

Hello dedicated SRES Staff!

We are rolling out our Virtual Incentive Program for SRES effective November 12th! We are so excited to provide necessary reinforcement and acknowledgment that will help our students thrive in their learning environment. It is so important to recognize and provide specific feedback and reinforcement to our students on a daily basis. This is how they learn and grow! I know each of you are already doing this in your classrooms in some way or another and we want to be able to streamline that to meet the needs of all of our students. You will find all the necessary information below.

Classroom Teachers Action Item--Please check to make sure I am (Jessica Johnson) added as an admin in your schoology homeroom course—This is needed for me to add materials into your course!

Hoppy Incentive Program Table for easy viewing

(If you would like additional detailed information please reach out to Jesse.)

Chalk Available

Missy has shared that there is chalk available in the front office if any one is in need! Please help yourself!

Resources for Families

A message from Heather and Christine:

We have created a list of FREE apps and games that support math and reading. They can be used to support skills that need reinforcement or even for enrichment depending on the grade level. Some of the games are seriously fun!! We will be adding to the collection as we find more resources. (If you have any to share, please let us know and we will check them out!) We hope you will share this with families during conferences and encourage them to download them on their devices at home for children to use.

Classroom Books

In the media center, there are 3 carts of books that are being given away for classroom libraries. They are marked with a green paper near the computers. Please take any resources that you want from these carts.

There is also a shelf filled of books that were returned during the spring/summer that do not belong to the library, but belong to classrooms. Some of these books were labeled with names, and others were not. If you lent out classroom books to students, they may have been returned to this shelf. If they are your books, you may come get them!

If you have any questions, please e-mail Tatiana or Heather.

Human Resources Roles and Contacts

Please read the message from the Director of Human Resources

Hello, All.

Attached please find an HR infographic with links to HR’s many roles within the Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS). While this document is not all inclusive of HR’s functions, it will, at the very least, provide a starting point in the event you need employment-related assistance.

The first twelve (12) icons are linked to the respective parts of HR’s website. For example, the “Position Control” icon will immediately take an employee to the “HR Status Change Form.” This document is used when an employee need to make an employment status change such as retirement or resignation or request an unpaid leave of absence.

Additionally, the four (4) contact icons at the bottom of the page are linked to HR’s recently shared org chart which details HR staff’s duties and responsibilities and contact information. HR’s updated org chart with links can also be found in FCPS’ web-based A-Z Manual.

Should you have any questions regarding this document, or if HR can be of assistance to you and your staff, please feel free to reach out.

Google Meet Breakout Rooms - Revised

FCPS has allowed the use of breakout rooms at this time. However, if you are planning on using the breakout rooms with SRES students, an adult must be monitoring the breakout room session to ensure the safety of our students.

Directions on how to set up breakout rooms can be found here. Again, all students must be monitored at all times by an adult.

More information will be forthcoming on this topic. If you have questions now, please ask!

Media Classes

Please review the schedule for media classes. It is on the master schedule as well!

Thank You

No one is able to tell you and others this enough in this environment. There is nothing easy about the environment that we continue to push forward in because we truly care about students and their daily successes and development. We hope that you truly listen and hear the words in the song below as they truly echo how we feel about each of you. Thank are doing a 'good job.'

Good Job - Alicia Keys - Cover by One Voice Children’s Choir

A tribute to COVID-19 heroes

SRES Lounge

After reviewing the SEL supports survey from our staff meeting there was a big interest in opening up a virtual staff lounge where staff can log on, chat, and mingle with each other. A simple way to practice self-care is connecting with those around you separate from planning or brainstorming. Sometimes just being with others is what our heart needs to refuel. We hope you take time to connect with our SRES family in our SRESLounge! You can also access this at nickname sreslounge. The lounge will be open from 12:00-1:00 each school day. You are also free to arrange for a meeting with your colleagues, cross grade level teams, or for any purpose you choose! It will always be there for you to access as you please!


Next week during PL sessions on Monday and Tuesday, 10/19-20, please choose a session to attend whether it is your grade level or not. During the session, we will be showing you how to use your Google Calendar to setup your conference Google Meets. This will ensure that families can access the Google Meet whether they are on their child's device or not as well as ensure no families enter others' conferences. Your attendance at one of the four PL sessions on Monday or Tuesday next week will satisfy all PL requirements next week. We hope you find this time useful!

Please use the grade level link on the PL schedule to join one of the PL sessions on Monday or Tuesday. Offerings include:



1st Grade-- 3:15-4:15


3rd Grade--12:40-1:40

2nd Grade-- 3:15-4:15

Any questions, contact Carmen.

Monthly Staff Meeting Agendas

Thank you, Lori Titus, for the great idea to place our staff meeting agendas on our portal for ease of access! We have placed a link under the Admin Info tab for Staff Meeting Agendas. You will find them linked here by month.

Leave Requests and Time Sheets

Effectively immediately, all leave requests and time sheets should be submitted to Missy at Digital signature and submission is still required.

Naming conventions for both documents should continue to follow LastnameMonth ie: ColeySeptember. If more than one is submitted per month, please use ColeySeptember2.

Email subject should be Timesheet or Leave Request, as appropriate

Classroom Visits!

Heather Sampselle and Christine Thereault will be visiting your classes virtually and/or in person, depending on our learning environment, throughout the school year. Please know that Heather and Christine are learning side by side with each of us. Time spent in classrooms observing how students are learning, how students are grouped, and the instructional design of your lessons will allow each of them to refine and tailor content PL to your needs while also enabling them to provide you with feedback to grow, just as we provide feedback to students daily. Thank you for welcoming them as we work collaboratively to move all students forward and develop higher levels of instructional strategies school-wide.


Please consider joining!


Our formal observations will begin within the next few weeks. As always, we will offer pre-conferences as well as provide you with our pre-conference form should you choose to complete it. We do ask that you choose one of these options leading up to your observation. Post conferences will also be offered and we ask that you schedule this with your observer through Hope and/or Missy 5-7 days following your observation.

The county guidance related to observations/evaluations for this school year was shared with you through a systemic Find Out First earlier this week. It is linked here for your review.

We look forward to this opportunity!

Virtual Learning Mentor

From Michelle Carpenter, our Virtual Learning Mentor!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and found some time to relax and enjoy the beautiful weekend. I am attaching my Google Site to this email. This site is a work in progress as it will be changing frequently. This is where I will put weekly tech tips/tools that you can use with your students. If there is a tech tool you are interested in learning more about, please let me know! Just a reminder, I have office hours on Tuesday (4:00 - 5:00) and Sunday.(9:00 - 10:00). I am available to help with Schoology or any tech tools. If I don't have the answer right away, I will work to find it as quick as possible.

Student/Staff Book Exchange

An FOF will be going to out families on 10/13 about our new curbside book pickup procedures! Students will be on an A week B week rotational media schedule. During A weeks, Tatiana will be teaching media lessons. During B weeks, other activities (synchronous and asynchronous) will occur during the media block. Here is the schedule for you to see! Students will be getting more information next week about the procedures, and will have this schedule explained to them. Parent/Student Directions linked here.

Staff members may also begin requesting holds on books in the media center as well! Books will be checked out to you and placed in your mailbox on the Thursday or Friday of B weeks. Please keep in mind that this is a 2 week cycle. Once you are done with a title, return it to Tatiana. Books that are returned must be left on a cart for a week before being checked in and processed, so please make sure that you return books promptly. To request a book, please place a hold in LS2PAC (Directions linked here). At this time, please only request books this way. Do not e-mail Tatiana with book requests. If you have any questions, please reach out to Tatiana.

Hood College Course Offering

Click to read about the LEAP course opportunity...The Leadership for Emergency Academic Preparedness Program.

Interim and Report Card Plan

Please see the information contained here to review the systemic interim and report card plan, shared systemically.

Interims can be emailed to families. When sending, please copy Lynne Thacker so that she can place a copy in students' cumulative files. If the student is a special education student, please also copy their case manager. If sending through Google Docs, please ensure families cannot edit and are only identified as viewers, not editors. If sending as a Word document, please make it a pdf so that it is not editable by families.

Also, our SRES interim is available here and is linked on our portal under forms.

Please Welcome....

Vanessa Toner---Although not new to SRES, Vanessa is now serving as a SEIA within our building! Congratulations, Vanessa!

Missy Myers--Missy joins our front office team as our 12 month administrative secretary. We are so happy to have our team fully assembled!! Welcome!! Please note Missy's email address is

Heather Sampselle-- Heather will lead our school through all things literacy. We are so excited to have her on board and can't wait to learn from her! Welcome, Heather!!

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences are fast approaching! We are preparing a schedule for families to sign-up for conferences with their childrens' teachers. It will be sent out via FOF very soon. No 1/2 day PreK virtual instruction will be held on these days. We will follow the following schedule on October 21, 22, and 23. All conferences will be virtual.

October 21 and 22--Open 4 hours late:

12:45-1:00-Morning/Afternoon Meeting

1:00-1:45--ELA or Math (whichever comes first on your Wednesday schedule)

1:45-2:30-Math or ELA (whichever comes second on your Wednesday schedule)

2:30-4:15--Specials Choice Board and Asynchronous work time

Conferences will begin at 3:15 and end at 8:00

Each conference will be schedule for 15 minutes

5 minutes in between each conference time will be scheduled

Dinner break will be from 5:10-5:40

October 23--Dismiss 3.5 hours early:

We will follow our regular Wednesday schedule as it is an early dismissal day

Lunch from 12:00-12:30

Conferences will begin at 12:45 and end at 4:00

Each conference will be scheduled for 15 minutes

5 minutes in between each conference time will be scheduled

We will be using a new sign up program for Fall Parent Teacher Conferences. The program is called PTCFast. This program works similarly to what we used earlier this year, but will allow you to log in and see who has signed up for conference times for your individual class. The program will be auto-generating weekly reports each Monday with a list of who has signed up and will also send each teacher a list 2 days before and 1 day before conferences begin. It is also set up to email you if someone signs up the day before or day of.

The reports will be coming from You will see all of the possible time slots, as well as the names and contacts of the parents who have signed up.

October 16, FPT Day

Flexible Professional Time

In recognition that teachers have already completed their Flexible Professional Time (FPT) by participating in an extensive amount of training and professional learning in order to facilitate the change from continuity of learning to virtual instruction by the start of the school year, the completion of the FPT form will be waived for the 2020-2021 school year. There is no further action needed by teachers or administration in relation to FPT on 10/16.

Google Meet FAQ

Some of the latest and greatest new Google Meet features are explained in this document!

Google Meet FAQ

Coffee With A Cop

An invitation from our Security office!

Coffee With a Cop

October Family Newsletter

Linked HERE for your review!

Social Media

SRES has a new Twitter account! Please be sure to follow us at SpringRidgeRoos. Please tag our page @SpringRidgeRoos and share all of the great things happening in our building! Remember to be mindful of posting pictures of students, as all families have not agreed to have their child's photos on social media.