Hepatitis C


20 Facts about Hepatitis C

1.Hepatitis C is a viral infection that damages your liver over time.

2.Hepatitis C affects millions of Americans.

3.Most people don't know they have hepatitis c.

4.Hepatitis c is gained over contact with infected blood

5.Liver transplants don't get rid of hepatitis c

6.Hepatitis c has very little effects

7.You cant get Hepatitis c from regular contact with the infected person

8.The symptoms of hep c is fatigue, Upset stomach, loss of appetite, Joint & muscle pain

9.Up to 85% of people who are infected will go on to have chronic hepatitis c

10.In rare cases, a mother with Hepatitis C spreads the virus to her baby at birth

11.Hepatitis C is the number one leading cause of liver cancer

12.Hepatitis C is the inflammation of the liver

13.There is no vaccine for Hepatitis C yet

14.It is possible to get rid of Hep C just doing nothing it happens to 15-25% of people

15.Hep C can not be transferred through insects

16.You have a higher chance of getting Hep C if you have HIV

17.Working in a health care environment where you are exposed to fresh blood or where you may be pricked with a used needle.

18.Sharing needles when injecting drugs is a risk factor for hep c

19.You have a higher chance of getting hep c if you are around needles that have contaminated blood on it.

20.Getting tattoos with infected tools gives you a chance to get hep c