Pre-K Valentine's Day Party

Join us for food, fun, and a Valentine Swap!

Date: February 13th
Time: 9:30-10:30 for the AM class and 1:45-2:45 for the PM
Where: In the classroom (room 135)
What to bring: A valid form of ID


PTA will be providing us with juice, napkins, and some light snacks (they're awesome aren't they)! We would like to be able to provide cupcakes, frosting, and toppings for each student. This money will also go towards additional snacks! If you are able to donate $2 for your child, it would be much appreciated! Please send it by Wednesday, February 12th.


For Valentine's Day in Pre-K, each student gives a card to their classmates and teachers to show that they care about them. Valentine's can be made at home or bought at a store like Walmart, Target, CVS, etc.

We ask that when making Valentine's cards for friends please leave the "TO:" part blank or just write " My friend". If we have all of the students names written down it can take a very long time to sort out all the cards. If your child is interested in writing each of their friends names on the cards, it is great practice and we do encourage that. We just ask that if parents are writing them out to leave it blank. All students should try to write their name on the "From" spot as this is great writing practice as well!

I have attached a list of student names and the number of students in each class to the email.

Here are some examples of what valentine's look like: