By Laurie Hall Anderson

Shortly after escaping from Manhattan, Isabel runs off to find her sister in Charleston. Later Curzon finds himself in the middle of the Battle of Saratoga after running away from a man that he was staying with, Curzon took his money and fleed. While hiding in the woods, he finds himself in a duel between a redcoat and a rebel. The redcoat was a grown man, and the rebel was a teenage boy, Curzon sees that the boy is about to be shot when he quickly throws a rock at the redcoat the distract him so the boy shot him. This action shows that Curzon can protect him and others. He then lies about being in the Army. Curzon knows the irony of his situation as a slave fighting for the freedom of white men. Curzon and the army are forced to relocate to the winter encampment at Valley Forge. Curzons life then takes a wild turn for the worse, he and his comrades are supplied with nothing, no food, clothes, or shelter. But, some way Curzon finds a way to meet up with Isabel once again. Does Isabel and Curzons freedom lie on the Patriot Army on there quest for freedom?

Throughout the war, both Curson and Isabel experienced abuse, and humility, but they learned perseverance would lead them to there ultimate freedom. Bellingham finds Curson with the Army while he was evaluating the conditions of the soldiers. Curzon finds Isabel working for Bellingham, Isabel had a relationship with another servant named Gideon, they were planning to flee. But Isabel decides not to go. Later throughout the story, Isabel and Curzon plan to escape when Bellingham is out, but he knows they're trying to escape. So he try's to stop them, he traps Curzon and Isabel runs off. Bellingham try's to shoot Curzon, but he misses. Isabel mysteriously appears and hits Bellingham in the head, they then run off for freedom.

Curzon and Isabel adapted to there situation but never lost hope, and focus of there salvation.