The William Allen White Award

This is a book award

William Allen White

William Allen White lived till he was 75. He had two childern. he got an edcuatiion at the University of Kansas and at the Collage of Emporia. William Allen White was a very famous book writer, jounerlist, and icon spokesman.

The William Allen White Award

The william Allen White Award is Given to many books. ITwas the first award that kids got to vote on. This award is given to two books each year. The winner is announced in May. The voting takes place in May as well.The William Allen White Award was founded in 1952.

Here are some of the William Allen White Award winners

How to win the award

The authors must be from te U.S, Candana, or Mexico. They must have had the book published in the last year. And last but not least, the book must be about fiction, non-fiction, or poetry.