Empire of the sun

By Rachel cage

Empire of the sun setting

-1941 to 1945

- China

-Labor camps suchow

-His house

- World war 2


Jim/james/Jaime- Jaime is the protagonist of the story and it's the view of his life of the story. He was involved with the story by being a kid during world war 2. He was involved with labor camps and mobs through the crisis.

Beccey- he was a character that helped Jaime get around while they were in the whole crisis. Beccey supplied him with food and helped him out when he was completely lost. He was also an American criminal. He was a flight attendant on ships.

Frank- frank was becceys friend and he also supplied food and also helped Jaime. He wasn't a huge help but he lived in the American dorm with him.


The sun- in the story they said when it's cloudy it's a bad day, but his represents the labor camps and the war being a lot better. When it's sunny it's a good day in the camps.

The coin- I believe that the coin represents the wealth of Jaime and also how the war messed the economy up.

Airplane- the air planes represents how he loved airplanes and it was also his dream. Also they represent that there were planes going on in the war.


This had value because I never knew what the world war 2 was even about or I didn't even know how to picture it. But by this film I now understand what it is about but I know what it is like in. A child's perspective. This had value because It gave me visuals of what it looked like and how the camps and te mobs of people looked like. It helped me picture the emotions people had too.