10 Things I Can't Live Without

By Hannah Simon

My 10 Things


Music is my way of escaping the drama of everyday life. I listen to a different kind of music for my different kinds of moods. It is my way of expression.


I drink coffee almost every morning. It is how I wake up during the day and it keeps me from being mean to everyone all the time. Without coffee I am just a grumpy rude person all day.


Mascara is basicly my life. I use it so much. I have a ton of tubes of it everywhere in my house, my bag, and everyone of my parents' cars. My family gives me a hard time because I always say "Mascara is a girls best friend"

Mexican Food

Me and my family eat out to mexican food about once every two weeks. It is our way of spending family time together and its great to taste real authentic Mexican food.


I condition my hair twice a day everyday. I just love the way it makes my hair feel soft and clean. I wouldn't be able to ever leave my house if I hadn't of used it that morning.

My bed

I sleep a lot, and without my bed I would just be a mess. My bed is like my best friend. I am always with it.


I own 5 different pairs of Vans shoes. They are my favorites, I wear them for any and every occasion.


My whole life is on the internet. I cannot go more than a day without the internet. It is how I connect with everyone.Without WiFi i wouldn't be able to contact anyone and I wouldn't be able to have a life in the outside world.


I wear jeans almost every day. They are comfortable and cute. Nothings better than that.


I watch netfilx for over an hour almost everyday. Its my go-to whenever I'm bored.