Civil War Battles

By: Lillie Smith


  1. Each of the 3 days of the battle was ranked 15th bloodiest battles of the Civil War.
  2. There was 120 generals present at the battle, 9 of them were killed or wounded.
  3. 160,000 troops present at the battle eclipsed by more than 185,000 at Fredericksburg.

Some people that were involved with the battle were...

  • General George Gordon Meade was only in command for 3 days before the battle.
  • General Lee lost 23 battle flags in Pickett's Charge

Kansas Nebraska Act

  1. This act was an mandated popular sovereignty allowing settlers to decide slavery was to be allowed within a new state's borders.
  2. A conflict arose between pro-slavery and anti-slavery settlers in the aftermath of the acts passage led to a period of violence known as Bleeding Kansas.
  3. Kansas was admitted as a free state in January 1861.

Some people that were involved with the Battle were...

  • Stephen A. Douglas an American politician from Illinois. He helped design the Kansas Nebraska Act.
  • Abraham Lincoln
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Dred Scott Case

  1. Dred Scott Case was about a slave who lived with his owner in a free state before returning to the slave state of Missouri.
  2. The court said that no black, free or slave could claim U.S citizenship.
  3. Blacks were unable to petition the court for their freedom.

Some people who were involved with the battle were...

  • Dred Scott decision incensed abolitionists and heightened North South tensions with led to war 3 years later.

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  1. Vicksburg was one of the Union's most successful campaigns of the war.
  2. The residents of Vicksburg dug over 500 caves in the hills around the city and began living in them. They referred to them as "Prairie Dog Village".
  3. Pemberton surrendered on July 4th. The town of Vicksburg would not celebrate the 4th of July for 81 years.

Some people involved with the battle were...

  • President Abraham Lincoln
  • General Ulysses S. Grant

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