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Natural 3 pills products, so you can compare them better.

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We’ve done all the research for you when it comes to comparing penis enlargement pills!

Herbal Penis Enlargement Pills allow you to gain maximum length and girth, sexual desire, sexual health and help you to achieve stronger erections with more semen.

These pills have been formulated from herbs from around the world that have been proven to work.

Penis Enlargement pills are a safe product that can safely and permanently increase penis size. Many men are skeptical about male enhancement products at first. But give Vigrx plus , Vimax and Prosolution Pills enlargement pills a try, and you’ll see your sex life and self-esteem changed for the better, and for the long term.

We have tested many penis size increasement pills, but the most effective brands on the market today are:


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VigRX Plus ™ #1 is one of the oldest and most established natural, herbal penis enlargement formulas.

VigRX pills offer a bigger penis size and harder erections. This productis a scientifically tested potent aphrodisiac with herbal concentrates from China, Europe and South America. This blend of herbs stimulates sexual activity in males and maintains a fim erection with an increase in sexual pleasure.

This product improves penis size and erectile function through the veins and arteries in the penile blood vessels. This all occurs without any change whatsoever is blood pressure, thus relaxing the nervous system.

  • Helps increase the libido
  • Gives bigger and harder erection
  • Greater sex drive
  • Remedy sex drive
  • Strength of orgasm
  • Gives long lasting erection
  • Elevated sperm manufacturing
  • Increase penis head size
  • Improvement sexual performance

Vimax™ Pills #2 rate a close second in our penis enlargement pill reviews.

Vimax is a powerful natural herbal male enlargement formula which increases penis length and girth, sexual desire, sexual health and helps achieve stronger erections. Formulated from herbs from around the world that have been proven to work, Vimax improves performance. Additionally, Vimax pills are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility.

Vimax offers a variety of benefits:

  • An increase in sexual desire and stamina
  • Bigger, harder erections as a result of increased blood flow
  • Erections on demand; blood keeps flowing to the penis so you canget hard and stay hard
  • Stronger and more intense orgasms
  • Stop premature ejaculations

Prosolution Pills™ #3

ProSolution Pills are a result of a 2 year intensive research for the most powerfull ingredients and blend. The gains men are getting have been very positive and they are standing ahead of the competition. One of their biggest qualities is that they include a penis exercises program for free . Their support is also excellent and they have published scientific studies that prove that their claims are real. It is always a sign of professionalism when a company shows the studys in which their claims are supported.

ProSolution Pills is #3 and best option and if you are going to use penis pills in your penis enlargement plan then we seriously advice you to take them.ProSolution Pills have established themselves as the most reliable and professional manufacturers today.Our results with them were very positive and users say wonders about them as well.In fact no other penis pills can get whereProSolution Pills gets in terms of quality of the ingredients and results.They have achieved an amazing formula which is highly effective due to its perfect blend of the purest natural ingredients.ProSolution Pills also showed some remarkable positive effects including very hard erections , ability to control your ejaculation better, very high sex drive and stamina and also increased the semen production and volume.

How Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

Your penis consists of spongy reservoirs or spaces (erectile tissue chambers) called corpora cavernosa. Blood pools within these chambers to produce an erection when aroused. During an erection, these chambers open at one end to let the blood flow in and simultaneously constrict the flow at the exit point to fill and distend the penis. The size of your erection depends on how much blood your body pumps into these erectile tissue chambers. The more the erectile cells are expanded by the blood, the larger the erection becomes.

Penis pills are a powerful blood flow stimulator that pushes blood into the erectile chambers of your penis during arousal (erect state). Over time, the increase in both the amount of blood flow and force of blood flow may cause the erectile chambers to expand, and that will create a larger, thicker erection with extended pleasure.When taken in the recommended dosage and combined with penis enlargement exercises, the penis will hold more blood during erection and actually increase in size, length and girth as with any supplement some individuals respond better than others.

The idea behind penis enlargement is to allow more blood to flow into the tissue of Corpora Cavernosa, which stimulates its growth and strength.
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Are Penis Pills Safe?

Yes. Penis pills are not drugs so there should be no side-effects whatsoever from taking them.They are made 100% with natural ingredients that are proven to stimulate the penis and have very positive benefits.

Each company produces its own blend of ingredients and this is where the good products separate themselves from the bad products. High quality products means that only the purest ingredients are used , and top notch laboratories are needed. This is also why some pills are more expensive then others.However dont be fooled by a high price : it does not necessarily proves that the product is good. But on the other hand it is safe to say that pills below the 30$ per bottle are not using the best ingredients in the world and should be looked with suspicion. Quality costs !

Please see below for our DOCTOR Testimonials :
Herbal supplements in general have grown into a multimillion-dollar industry, with last year's sales reaching nearly $600 million, according to the American Botanical Council. And that's just what was sold in the major food and drugstores - much more is likely sold over the Internet, in convenience stores, and through buying clubs.

The problem is, like many other health-related products herbal nutritional supplements are not strictly regulated in the United States. Manufacturers of natural health supplements are not obligated to guarantee the safety, effectiveness or even the true content of their products! As a result, most herbal supplements do not contain the herbs they claim to. It's hard to believe but it's true!

This is another reason why this site is important. For those who are interested in using medicinal herbs you must seek out reliable retail establishments that staff trained personnel who, hopefully, know which the best, reputable brands are. More ahead we will tell you what those brands are.
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The penis size represents the length and width of the sexual male genitalia. Due to a high interest in larger penis sizes, a profitable industry in penis enlargement was developed. In order to ensure accurate measurements of the penis size, it is recommended regular measurements taken at different times, before and after the erections during various days. The average of these results is the real penis size. This method is an effective one because we must also take into account the natural variability in size as influenced by external factors.

It was proved that most men who choose to use penis enlargement methods do not really know the size of a normal penis and that is why they choose to enlarge it. Most likely in adolescence, everyone has added a bonus inch to their real penis size when asked about it.

How to measure the penis length?

The best way to measure the length is by standing up and holding the penis parallel to the floor. Then, the sexual organ is measured starting from the base and up to the tip. If the subject is seated the results are considered inaccurate.
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The penis circumference

The measurement of the penis circumference is also known as “penis girth”. This means that the penis is measured when in erection and an average of the following three measurements must be made: below glans penis, shaft middle and base measurement.
It has been shown that age is not negatively influencing the penis size. In other words, there is a positive correlation between age and penis size.
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The normal average penis size

Studies have revealed that the average length while flaccid penis is 3,5 inches or 8,9 cm. The length of flaccid penis is different from the erect penis, as it was shown that some small flaccid penises can attain higher length while some larger penises attain smaller length. Regardless of these studies, just because your penis size is above or below the average this does not mean you might not be interested in penis enlargement procedures. Nowadays, many men choose male enhancement procedures out of the desire to increase girth, improve sexual performance and stamina.
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