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South Tyneside Primary Maths Update September 2016

Autumn Term News

Welcome to the Autumn Term edition of the South Tyneside Primary Maths News Letter.

Just to remind you that the Autumn Term Subject Leader's network meeting for South Tyneside schools is on Wednesday 28th September at OpenZone CLC starting at 4.00

Please contact Steve Robert for more information:


Week Of Inspirational Maths 2

Last year a Week of Inspirational Maths was launched by Jo Boaler on the Youcubed website and proved to be a great success. Teachers and students loved the activities and mindset videos.

These resources are still available but there is now a second Week of Inspirational Maths available for this year. The lessons and videos have a more playful flavour and will be a great way to start off the new term.

Click Here To Go To Youcubed and then click Week Of iMath2

Every Child Counts Intervention Programmes

For further information please contact:

Pat McCabe
Every Child Counts Consultant
Telephone: 0191 433 8619
Email: patriciamccabe@gateshead.gov.uk

For More Information Click Here

Egyptian Multiplication

Egyptian Multiplication KS2

Mathematically Possible

Simple to use, but perfect for building fluency and reasoning skills in children of all ages and abilities.

Click here for website and links to other starter activities

Reasoning Websites