The Brightest Star of Cygnus

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How big?

First let's look at size. Deneb is about 200 times the size of the sun! Because of Deneb's size and luminosity we can see Deneb from Earth.

How Hot?

Deneb is a blueish-white star. The color alone shows how hot deneb is. Blue stars are hotter and red stars are cooler. Deneb's exact heat is about 8,525-75[6] K .

How Many?

Supergiants; the type of star Deneb is, is really uncommon. Only .ooo1% of all known stars are supergiants. That's equivalent to 1 in 10,000!

How Far?

Deneb is so far away scientists have had a hard time measuring the exact distance. Deneb is approximately though 2,600 lightyears!


Deneb may be really unique but that doesn't mean it's alone. Deneb is part of the constellation Cygnus (see below). It also happens to be the brightest of the stars in the constellation.
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Deneb is derived from the Arabic word for tail.

Stages of Life

Denb began forming a star and first became a main sequence star. After that it became a supergiant which is where it is now. The next stage of Deneb's life is undetermined currently.