A Day in a Daydream

Leah Smith


The use of daydreams as a part of text structure shows that Walter Mitty is in his daydreams because he lacks self- confidence, he gets to be someone he is not, and he escapes the real world.

Walter Mitty is very self consence about himself.

Firstly, In the story Walter Mitty is made fun of by other characters. Walter Mitty is also not very confident abot what he does.
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Walter Mitty trys to be someone he is not

Secondly, In his daydreams he presents himself as the hero. Also Waliter Mitty is counted on by other people in his daydreams.
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Walter Mitty gets to escape the real world.

Lastly, In the story his wife controls him and in his daydreams thats where he can escape her. Also he wants to escape it becuase people dont like him in the real world and in his daydreams people look up to him.
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In conclusion, the use of text structure charecterizes Walter Mitty.

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