Andrew Jackson

"The Peoples President"

"Trail of Tears"

The Indians that were moved were called the Cherokee. They were very civilized just like the Americans were. They grew cotton, had there own written language, read newspapers, and had there own constitution.But Jackson still thought of them as a threat and he wanted their land. The Supreme Court told Jackson that he couldn't take there land but Jackson didn't listen, so he made them move off of there land and Jackson made them walk from Georgia to Oklahoma. The trail was terrifying for the Cherokee because only about 50% of the Indians survived. The movies, though, did not happen until after Jacksons term was over.(1838)

"Spoils System"

Andrew Jackson became president the year of 1828. Once he became president he kicked out most of the people in white house that were working in the white house and rewarded the allies who voted and helped Jackson become president. Even if the people did not know anything about politics Jackson still put them in the white house jobs, and it created some conflicts, but Jackson put them there because he knew that they would help and vote for him.

"Killing the National Bank"

Andrew Jackson thought that the national bank was stupid because he thought that the bank only served the wealthy and rich . Jackson said that it was unconstitutional to have a bank because it said nothing about a bank in the Constitution, but the the supreme court said that in the constitution it said that anything necessary and proper is fine, but Jackson still refused to listen, so Jackson vetoed the bill tearing down the national bank.
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In this picture Andrew Jackson is dressed as a king rather than a president. This is because Jackson acted more as a king rather than a president. He would not listen to anyone but what his evil head told him to. He is stepping on the constitution because it is implying that he never listend to the Constitution and he did whatever he waned to. He is holding a VETO in his hand because whenever the Supreme Court said no to him about something he would VETO whatever because he wanted things to go his way.

"Perspective of a Cherokee child"(negative)

I think that people should not vote for Jackson Because he is a very parsimonious and greedy person. He does not care about us Indians or anyone else no matter what race. I lost my whole entire family to the "Trail of Tears" and i will never forgive him for that. In fact I barley survived that trail and i'm very sick and very very weak. DO NOT vote for Jackson he will make our economy worse and it will never get better if he is in charge of the economy.

"Perspective of a Northern who owns a Industry" (positive)

I think that Jackson if the first president in our world that actually cares for us people no matter the race! He is very generous in fact he rose the taxes and for that its making the northers way more richer. Also, because Jackson rose the taxes it made my factory work sooooo much better than it was when our last shabby president was working for our economy. I cant put in words how much I would say you should...VOTE FOR JACKSON!!