Surfing Mansa Musa's Life

By Joe Stone

Mansa Musa Question

Mansa Musa was a rich and powerful king! He made a very famous trip to Mecca. But would he be king if Mansa Abu Abar the second had not taken a trip to the western seas? Or choose Mansa Musa to be his processor?

The Beginning of Life

Mansa Musa was born on 1280bc. His real name is Kan Kan Musa. Abu Abar the seconed was Mansa's uncle. Mansa had no more relatives at the time so his uncle passed on the throne to Mansa so he could make his family dynasty continue. The name Mansa means king. Mansa Musa is a Muslim king.

The Most Famous Trip.

Mansa Musa brought more than 250 pounds of gold on his trip to Mecca. He also brought slaves, attendants,and soldiers on is trip to Mecca! He threw out gold threw out Mecca. Gold lost its value for 15 years. Mansa only took the trip because the 4th pillar of Islam states that every Muslim must make a trip to the holy land (Mecca) called the hajj.

A Dead Man and His Son

Mansa Musa died in about 1337bc because of natural causes. His son had to make their dynasty continue. But his son was weak so Mali fell to Songhai. Mansa Musa probably be a shamed of his son. No one really Knows about what happen after Mali fell to Songhia.
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Mansa Musa's legendary trip to Mecca is a astonishing to many people.


Would Mansa Musa be king if his uncle would not have explored the western seas. Mansa Musa may not be a live but his story will live on. If you want to learn more about Mansa Musa go to www. Black History .com.go to www. Mansa Musa .com. you can also go to www. Mansa Musas life .com.
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