How To Be Better At FNAF

By: Jaidyn Coley

Don't Waste Power!

Cameras use power. The doors and lights use power. The FAN uses power! Whatever you do, you will most likely be using power. Save it! Try only focusing on Foxy's camera, as you know, if you leave him alone for too long, he will run to your office. Occasionally, you can check the two cameras beside your office to check for Freddy, but other than that, focus on Foxy! Also, only check lights every five seconds. Close doors when Bonnie or Chica are there, as well as when Foxy is running down the hall, or Freddy is beside your office.That should save a lot of power.
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Know Which Doors to Close and When!

First off, it will be helpful to know that Bonnie always appears at the left door. Chica always appears on the right. And Foxy can jumpscare you only at the left door. Freddy... I'm pretty sure can enter through both, not including that moment when you run out of power and you're sitting there waiting because you know you'll be jumpscared no matter what! So, of course, close the doors when