Unfair Taxation

Social Justice Issue Over Taxes

How its unfair

The problem of taxes being to high has always been fought from the poorer people perspective, but the group that people commonly over look now days is the middle class or commonly known as the working class. These blue collar workers are most frequently the ones who pay in the most and receive the least when it comes tax season. The are also most commonly the ones who have to worry about job loss.

The current Progressive tax and what it does.

The Progressive tax

The progressive tax is mainly a income tax that increases as the income of an individual increases.

How the middle class is affected

The middle class is affected in many ways by this tax, and it has very few benefits for them. One of the largest ways that it is affected by this tax is the amount that they pay in and how little they get in return. Last year in 2014 the average middle class citizen (not a household), making between 36,900 to 89,350, would pay 5,081.25 in addition to 25% of the excess over 36,900.

The middle class is also affected in other areas by this progressive tax system, such as the increased possibility of job loss to foreign competition. This is a frequent problem with the progressive tax, because it has the increased odds of targeting the businesses and their owners because of a increased payout from them. This then leads to the businesses leaving the United states due to to heavy of Taxation, which leaves the working class out of work.


  • The Top 1% continues to pay a larger share of the federal income tax burden than the bottom 90 percent combined.

  • A flat tax would redistribute the weight of the taxes among the classes rather than relying solely on two of them to carry the burden.

  • The current income tax in the United States is only rivaled by our sales tax, which is a close second in revenue for the Federal Government.

  • The United States Tax system is almost as progressive as the tax systems in Europe.

  • America’s tax code,both its outdated international tax rules and high corporate rate are making American companies less competitive against their foreign counterparts.