ECLC Class News

Week of 11/30-12/4

What we did this week ...

This week we talked about cold weather, and what we wear when it is cold. We did a variety of centers and read books based upon cold weather clothing. We read The Jacket I Wear in the Snow, The Mitten Tree, and The Mitten. We did a writing activity based upon the story The Mitten.

Other things we did this week ....

In math, the students worked on identifying numbers from 10-20. They also worked on shapes and counting.

In phonics, the students learned the letter, key word and sounds for the letters p and j. The key word for p is pan, and jug for j.

When introducing a new letter, I play a StoryBots video for that letter. After we watch it, we discuss what letters start with that letter. The StoryBots video for the letter P is at the bottom of the newsletter.

The sight word see, was introduced this week.

In Social Skills group, we talked about personal space. Miss Roe showed the students with a hula hoop how much space is needed between friends. She told them what to say to their friends if they are too close.

We had two birthdays this week. Happy Birthday Conall and Andrew! Thanks to the moms who sent in treats for the students. They enjoyed them.

Most of you have signed up for the parent conferences already. If you haven't done so, and would like to, you can sign up at this conference link.

Have a wonderful weekend.

ABC Song: "The Letter P" by StoryBots