Muscular System

by Toby,Hunter,Riley


Triceps are the back muscular of your arm. Triceps helps you control your movement of your arm. Triceps are an important part of the muscular system. A injury that well hurt the triceps are like a cut in the back of your arm


The trapeziuses are another important part of the muscular system.Trapezius helps control the movement of your shoulder’s.A injury to the trapezius is a cut.


The quadricep is located above the knee. It is also called the quad. The quadricep is one of the strongest muscles in your body. It is the strongest muscle in your body because it is always move , and holds you up straight. Quadricep is made up of four muscles to help bend and retract your leg. If you play a sport and don’t stretch right you may get a quadriceps strain. Here are some fun facts. The quadriceps full name is quadricep femoris. It is made of four muscles. The quadricep is one of the strongest muscles in your body.


The gastrocnemius has two heads. The lateral head faces the back of the leg. The other head is called the medial it lies torward the inside of the leg. It is active during activies such as jumping or sprinting. If you don’t stretch right you can injure your gastrocnemius if you do it is called a gastrocnemius strain. Here is a fact about the gastrocnemius. The gastrocnemius is called the calf.


The bicep is a muscle in the front of your arm. A bicep helps you move your arms. Biceps help you flex. They are important because without a bicep you couldn't move your arms.A fun fact is that the biceps is one of the most important muscles in you arms.


Deltoids are a muscle on the top of your shoulder. The deltoids help you move your shoulders and arms. Deltoids are important because without deltoids you wouldn't move your shoulders. Deltoits can get injured and they can have pain in your deltoits.A fun fact is that your deltoits can have pain because if you swim a lot.