3 Religions Mini-Project

Followers of Christianity

Christians are people who believe in Jesus Christ and his teachings. They believe it is a way of life.

Christianity Teaching and Believes

Base their beliefs on Jesus's teachings they get from the Bible. They believe they can talk to God through prayer. You must ask for forgiveness of all your sins and you will be saved and are able to go to heaven when you die. They feel the need to be baptized to wash away their sins and begin a new life as a Christian.

Worship Leaders

Many denominations within the Christian faith call there leaders something different. They may be called Priest, Pastor, Reverend, Minister. They each have different rules they have to follow to become a Leader of the Church. For instance to become a Priest you must have academic ability, physical health, mental and spiritual health, evidence of an ability to live a celibate life, realistic idea of what is required of a priest.

Holy Days /Holidays

Christians typically go to church on Sunday because they believe that Jesus was raised from the dead on Sunday. They celebrate Christmas on December 25 because they believe that Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary on that day. Easter is also a big part of Christian faith because they believe that Jesus died on Good Friday and rose from the dead on Sunday.

Holy City and Places

Jerusalem is considered the Holy City to Christians. They believe that Jesus was born in a old barn to Mary and Joseph.
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Three Religious Common Figures

All 3 religions believe and accept similarity biblical people such as Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Between all 3 religions as well the worship of God is a essential part of their beliefs and that there is only One God.