Geographical Investigation 2R4

Group 3

Yishun in the past

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How did the word 'Yishun' come about.

Nee Soon Road was officially named in 1950 by the Rural Board to facilitate postal services. It was named after a man called Lim Nee Soon who owned a large plot of land and several roads in the area. Although originally named Nee Soon, the name was subsequently romanized to its current appellation, to reflect the Singapore government's move to use proper Standard Chinese over the more popular and unrecognized Chinese dialects prominent amongst local dialect groups.

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What are the historical stories of Yishun?

Yishun has started the development of HDB flats since 1976, with the first HDB flats at Chong Pang. Yishun Neighbourhood 1 has been developed since 1981, followed by Neighbourhood 7 and Neighbourhood 2. Neighbourhood 6, 8 and 9 have been developed in 1987, together with the Town Centre. Neighbourhood 3 and 4 followed slightly later in 1992. Construction of the Neighbourhood 5 was started on 2009 after the Crossrail West was announced and will be completed by 2015.
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What were the facilities or amenities available in Yishun between 1950-2000?

Between 1950-2000 there were amenities such as the Yishun Swimming Complex which was opened in 1988 , Yishun Stadium and Sports Hall opened on 2 January 1992 , Golden Village Cinema opened in May 1992 and last but not the least Orchid Country Club which was opened in 1993.

Yishun in the present

Yes, I think there are enough amenities and facilities within Yishun Ring Road Neighborhood. My group and I , have discovered some amenities such as North Point Shopping Centre,Yishun Park , Safra Yishun Country Club and more importantly , Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

Other than that , I feel that there is a sense of belonging in the people living within the Yishun Ring Road Neighborhood. People around the neighborhood use the amenities and facilities there carefully without damaging them. I have interviewed the people living there and they said that they appreciate the amenities and facilities which they were allowed to use.

In conclusion, there are some places in the neighborhood that are very special to its resients. The Yishun Park is one of them. It is special to them as they can take morning strolls and get rejuvenated by the nature and everlasting greenery.

Yishun in the future

As time goes by , I would like to see a more well deveoped Yishun. There should be more new amenities and facilities around the neighborhood such as shopping malls , sports hub and schools to provide education for students living in the Yishun neighborhood. As well as more HDB flats to cater to the rising population throughout Singapore.

More importantly, there should be more bus stops around so that transportation around is less problematic and troublesome.

Sketch of the future Yishun Ring Road

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