End of 3rd Marking Period

Building Safety & Security

As you may recall, the Red Lion Area School District utilizes the School Gate Guardian Visitor Management System in all of our buildings. When a visitor enters any of the district’s buildings, he/she will be asked to scan his/her state or federally- issued ID. The system will access, which scans national sex offender databases to determine if the person is a registered sex offender. The visitor information is also compared to a locally stored database created by the district that could include parents or guardians with custody issues, restraining orders, or visitors that have been deemed a threat to students and staff. To clarify, the District does NOT maintain most of the driver’s license information that is scanned from the state or federally-issued ID. Once the scan is complete, the only data that is saved is the visitor’s name and date of birth. We appreciate the continued cooperation and support in following these protocols that help us to increase our safety and security measures in each of our buildings.

Upcoming Dates

April 3 - Easter Vacation - NO SCHOOL

April 14 - 17 - PSSA ELA testing

April 18 - Spring Choral Concert - 7:30 pm

April 21 - 23 - PSSA Math testing

April 25 - Band/Jazz Band Spring Concert - 7:30 pm

April 28 & 29 - PSSA Science testing

May 12 - Academic Breakfast (invitation only)

May 20 & 21 - Algebra Keystone

May 25 - Memorial Day Vacation - NO SCHOOL

May 29 - Jun 2 - Secondary Dismissal @ 11:30 am

June 3 - Last Day of School

*all dates are subject to change due to weather


The ability to delay gratification, or to wait for something you really want, is impulse control. The famous Stanford Marshmallow Test found a connection between impulse control and greater well-being, like higher test scores, better stress management and higher academic achievement. Impulse control also helps teens achieve goals, develop perseverance and make responsible decisions. What impulse control might mean for your middle-schooler is the ability to choose homework over video games. It can also mean resisting the temptation to text with friends all night instead of going to sleep. Set clear expectations and boundaries for your child and stick to them. Those boundaries provide guidelines around which impulse control can be built. For example, consider enforcing a rule that all homework is done at a certain time in your household, and that it must be done before any video games are played, phone calls are made or texts sent. Teaching your middle-schooler to wait to do the things she wants to do will help her develop her impulse control and learn that she can go an hour or two without communicating with friends or playing video games.

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Student Council

Student Council would like to thank the staff, students and community for another successful event! The 4th annual staff student charity basketball game was held Monday, March 3rd. The game was close, with the end result being just a one point difference in favor of the staff team. The event successfully raised $974 through admissions and concessions. Due to the generosity of the PSO and the Junior High parents, all items in the concession stand were donated, allowing us to write a check to the Wounded Warrior Project for this amount. Again, thank you for supporting our school and community.

Spring is in the air and the student council is looking forward to the 8th grade evening dance being held Friday, May 1st from 6:30-8:30pm. Tickets will be sold during PM homeroom beginning April 13th. Tickets are $5 and can only be bought by 8th grade students. More information will be posted in homerooms shortly.

Nurse's Notes

Hello again-

As we begin to look toward the end of this school year, we want to extend our best wishes to the current 8th graders as they move onto the Senior High…we will miss you! As a reminder, if your child has any medication in the healthroom, please stop by the last week of school and be sure to pick it up (remember…no medication will be sent home with the students). Our sincerest thanks for all of your cooperation and allowing us to take care of your child’s healthcare needs during their school day, it has been our pleasure. Please contact us with any concerns and/or questions you may have.

Healthy regards for a safe and enjoyable summer.

Your child’s nurses: Ms. Sallie & Ms. Debbie

Counselor's Corner

Seventh grade students will soon receive their math recommendation for next year. They will bring a form home noting the recommendation for a parent signature. The form will need to be returned to the guidance office.

The Academic Breakfast for 8th grade students will be held on May 12th. The list of eligible students will be posted on or before April 1st.

Keeping students motivated for the last marking period can be challenging at times. Here are a few ways parents can help to keep their student focused these last few weeks:

  1. Show enthusiasm for your child's interests and encourage him/her to explore subjects that fascinate her.
  2. Point out the new things you learn with enthusiasm.
  3. Ask about what he/she is learning in school, not about grades or test scores.
  4. Celebrate achievements, no matter how small.
  5. Focus on strengths, encouraging developing talents.
  6. Help your child organize his/her school papers and assignments so he/she feels in control of their work.

PSO News

Box Top Contest Update

  • With the help of the Student Council we collected 5137 box tops. We will be receiving a check from Box Tops for $513.70. Mrs. Vasellas' class was the overall winner. They collected 993 box tops. The homeroom raffle winners are 7th grade Ms. Mahan's class. The 8th grade winner is Mrs. Heishman's homeroom. Thanks to everyone that sent in box tops.

Continue saving and sending in the box tops - they can be dropped off in the red box outside the cafeteria.

8th grade Spring Dance

  • The dance will be held on May 1st. We will be sending out an email the beginning to mid-April for donations and chaperones.

Last Meeting of the Year

  • The last PSO meeting for the 2014-2015 school year will be held on Tuesday May 5th at 5:30 in the cafeteria.

Thank you for all of your support this year!!