Pluto was named by an eleven your old girl in england

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Size and temperature

Pluto has the diameter of 2,306km.

The mass of 1.30900x10 22 (kg)

The temperature of Pluto ranges from -240 degrees to 218 degrees Celsius

But the average temperature of Pluto is -229° Celsius

similarities to Pluto and Earth


-both orbit around the sun

-both rotate around the sun clockwise


-living things on Pluto

-earth is closer to the sun

-earth has 1 moon (Pluto has 1)

-earth is a planet (Pluto not considered a planet

Distance from the sun and the Pluto`s speed

Pluto has a distance from the sun of 5.6 billion km.

Pluto moves the speed of 248 earth years


Pluto there Pluto has the color of brown but is so far out from the sun that a thick transparent coat of ice covers for Pluto is a transparent white

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- pluto has no living things on it. Pluto is to cold for survival

-Pluto has 5 moons charon,nix,hydra,kerberos and styx

-is a darwth planet