Battle of Ypres

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The battle of Ypres took place in October 19, 1914, and ended in November 24, 1914. Took place in Ypres, Belgium. Allied forces, and German forces started the first of three battles. To take control of the north part of the coast.

Tour information

During the tour we get acquainted with the Gas Attack of 1915. We explore the area of Passendale where the allied troops launched. Visit first Hill 60, the last pieces of authentic battlefield in Flanders. See the results of several mine explosions. The Peace Tower in the Irish Parc of Mesen is a beacon in the landscape which will remember the sacrifice of the Irish people.

Area information

Stay at the Hotel Novotel leper Centrun Fandlers Fields. Eat at Trattoria Alloro. this is a map of Ypres

Battle information

Adolf Hitler actually was in the battle, and ended up saving a person on his side and won the highest possible award a German can get. Called the "iron cross". The allies of Belgium won the war. Each side lost at Least a total of 250,000 troops. That its not including the civilen deaths. The Germans used a lot of deadly gas's against the other side. Heavy artillery, grenades, and bombs, were also used in almost all battles. this is the stoy of the Battle of Ypres.