Sunday Musings

Thoughts from your Head teacher ...

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Interesting conversation on Friday afternoon - it went like this..

child: " Sam, you have been telling us all day to have our hats on.. why have you not got one on?"

Me: " Very good point.. I am most definitely not practicing what I preach!"

Interesting conversation Friday evening at home - it went like this...

Me: " My head hurts.. a lot, I don't feel great"

Matt: " Did you wear a hat today?"

Me: " mmmmm"

So a lesson to be learnt from children and husbands who all know better - teachers we need to wear hats on Sunny Days, and drink lots of water and put on sun cream - just like we tell the children to do on those sunny days!

Hats, Cream and Water Bottles

I cannot stress more the importance that every child has a hat at school every day. It may not be sunny in the morning, but it may be by lunch time. Teachers will encourage them to put their hats in their bags when not wearing them - but please ensure that they are named. It is easier if you buy a hat that can stay at school or in their bag.

It is also important to ensure they have a named water bottle that they can take outside with them. During the work cycle, in classrooms, there is always water available, so the bottles do not need to go into classrooms with them - but if it is going to now be sunny, they need a bottle to take outside at lunch time and also during PE. Please ensure this is named clearly - and it needs to come home every evening for a wash out and re-fill ( we will obviously let them re-fill during the day). We will also remind children of this!

And one final request. Please apply suncream before your child comes to school and then send some with your child to reapply at lunchtime if required. Aldi do a great All Day cream which is very effective and that way they do not need to worry for the rest of the day.

The weather change always creeps up and takes us by surprise - especially when last weekend we were still in winter jumpers! And.. I know.. it may well get a little chilly again - but please presume that hats and water bottles need to be with them every day.

We will always ensure that your child is safe in the sun - but please take responsibility for preparing for this by providing water bottle and hat, and applying sun cream every day. Thank you.