Ancient Egypt

By Timothy Weltikol

Pharaoh Tutankhamen

Became pharaoh at age nine and died at eighteen

He was buried in a solid gold coffin and his tomb

was sealed off and he was glad it was.

Was elected so he would bring back the old gods.

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Dynasties of Egypt

33 dynasties ruled Egypt for 3000 years.

Pharaoh means"Great house".

Map of Egypt

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Magor city's in Egypt

Memphis,Thebes,Elephantine,Buhen,Kerma,Napata,and Meroë

Culture of ancient Egypt

Most people believed in one god

then one pharaoh said they could

only believe in one god then they

elected King Tut so he would bring

back the old gods.

Transportation in ancient Egypt

They use camels,chariots,and boats.

Nile river

The Nile Rivers nickname was the giver and

taker of life because it floods and kills things

and it gives people a source of water.

The Nile river divided into branches over a wide area.

Ancient pyramid

Pyramids were ancient burial places for

the most important people like the

pharaoh.The workers spent 20 years

making the Great pyramid.100,000

farmers had to work on the great pyramid.

Most of the blocks weighed 5000 pounds.

They used more than 2 million blocks of stone.

The pyramid stood 480 feet tall and covered

about 13 acres.The tip was covered with

gold to reflect the sun's rays.It is the largest