Katherine Runs For President!

By: Newsboy Charles

What are Mrs.Katherines Idea`s When running for president?

  • That we should save money so that we can upgrade our supplies for the army sooner for a more prepared situations like ambush attacks.
  • Debt will be payed off from whomever may be of charged
  • We will try to befriend the natives and maybe they can help us in battles
  • I will deal with the unruly army as is, :They will have to sign a contract saying if they don't cooperate they are to be disbanded and to remain out of our country for a limited time until the cooperate and have been in the army for 1 year without troubles. Our country needs the best we can not only get but what we can have.
  • We will write a mexico to one of mexico`s representatives and say they are not in-control of us
  • I believe there is to be no annexation so that we can be our own united area of peace.
  • There are to be no slaves because they are their own human beings with things to have been of dreaming, and sights upon which of seeing, therefor I support There is to be NO SLAVERY!