Samuel Adams life line

By: Jessi Stempka


Have you ever wondered why the Samuel Adams beer company is called Samuel Adams, or even wondered who Samuel Adams is. Read on to find out how many awesome accomplishments Samuel Adams had.I hope you find out more facts than you knew before

reading this.

Samuel Adams early life

Samuel Adams was born in 1722 in Boston and had a pretty weird and thrilling early life. He was one of six children to live. He was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and at the same time he opposed several laws passed by the British,some of those laws are the sugar act,tea act,and the stamp act.Then he almost didn't excape jail from Great Britain.In college Samuel Adams was a waiter.Next he started to achieve accomplishments.

Samuel Adams accomplishments and awards

I can bet that you didn't know that Samuel Adams led the tea act in 1773, or was a spokesman for the town. If you didn't know that then you should read on to find out more about Samuel Adams accomplishments and awards. Next this might not be a accomplishment to you but to Samuel it was huge, he was 5 feet and 6 inches tall and he got made fun of because of how short he was. One of the awards that Sam has had is that he had a Master of Arts Degree in college and he was only 21 years old. Next at college Sam got a job as a waiter. Lastly he was one of the sons of liberty and he spoke out against "No Taxation Without Representation."

Samuel Adams Death And Future

Lastly Samuel Adams died on October 2nd ,1802 and was given a elaborate funeral. There is now a statue of Samuel Adams in Boston. If you want to go and see the statue of Samuel Adams then it is open for anyone to see. He was buried in the boston's old granary burying grounds. People have been going there for centuries to show respect. Lastly they made a beer company after him and it is called "Samuel Adams".


So now you hopefully now know about Samuel Adams . You should know about Samuel Adams early life,and his accomplishments and awards. The lastly his death and future. Now you should know about Samuel Adams early,accomplishments and awards,and death and future.


Elaborate-Made or done with great care or with much detail.

Century-a period of 10 years.

Patriotic-you have shown great love or care for your country



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