The Beehive

Week of December 11, 2015

Math Monsters!

We continue to work on using strategies to add to 20. There are a lot of different tools being used in the classroom in order to practice this skill. We are using number lines, ten frames, and counters to help find strategies to solve those larger number addition problems. Below you will find a link so that you can download your own copy of a number line and a ten frame board if you need to use it at home!

Some of the homework can be a little challenging (especially the back portion). Many of our students are able to complete the tasks, but often have a difficult time articulating how. Please work with your child to develop his/her understanding towards explaining how to solve these problems. If your child is unable to articulate how to explain his/ her reasoning, you can ask your child to work through the problem again and to draw a picture. Then you and your child can develop language together. As always, if the homework seems too difficult or you are having a hard time trying to explain it to your child, please send it in with a note! I am happy to help!

This Week in Reading...

I wanted to share with you these tricky word strategies. Please continue to use these during Guided Reading time. It can help your child if he/she gets stuck on a word!

Remember to always ask questions about the book! Right now we are working on the five-finger retell (each finger stands for a different part of a good retell: characters, settings, beginning, middle, and end). In a nonfiction book, you can ask your child what information was given in the book, what did he/she learn, etc).

Big image

Our Tricky Word Strategies Poster!

In Writing.... Call The Cops!

We are working on editing our newest informational piece about an area in our school. We plan on creating a class book that will be all about CSS! We were able to research different areas of the school and write notes. Right now, we are taking our notes and turning them into complete sentences.

As we work, Mrs. Kelleher reminded us to call the COPS! This is an acronym for all the things we can go back and fix up! (C- capitalization, O- organization, P- Punctuation, S- Spacing). I have attached a picture so that you can use it at home!

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Important Dates and Events

Birthday Party: Ben's party is on December 20th. If you have not yet RSVP'ed, please call Mrs. White!

Classroom Winter Party: Tuesday, December 22

Please contact me with any questions or concerns!

Have a great weekend!