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Sheccid Ontiveros

Wall of Respect

The Wall is part of all the peoples life of Taliaferro Street. Everyone from little kids, big kids, and old folk. "If you get real close you can smell bubble gum and kids sweat," said Lou one of the kids of Taliaferro Street. On one Monday morning there was a lady standing next to the wall. She was with a paint brush on her hand. What would you do when you come up one afternoon and see the wall painted white? Obviously the people weren't happy. What does this stranger thing she is doing?

"She's not even from here, she's from New York," said Billy. Billy and many others were mad and ready to protest. This painter lady was very different. One day she came to the restaurant ordering crazy meals.

" She is insane. No meat with vegetable, no cheese with macaroni, no eggs with salad, and no sugar with tea. I was like sistuh you are in the wrong place," said Molly the lady in charge of the restaurant. People began calling her "Mrs.Lunatic".

Really though she was an amazing young lady. She took her time to paint the wall. After a few days since the lady came everyone in the town was surrounding the wall in awe. It was stunning.

"She really did it, didn't she,"said Mr. Eubanks. It had red,green,purple,orange,blue, and yellow. It had faces such as Martin Luther King Jr. , Harriet Tubman, Minister Malcom X, and even some people from the town. There were flags from all over Africa . In the corner of the wall there was an inscription:

To the People of Taliaferro Street

I dedicate this Wall of Respect

Painted in Memory of My Cousin

Jimmy Lyons

Jimmy Lyons was a pleasant and humorous young man. He went to fight for our freedom in Vietnam. Sadly Mr.Lyons didn't come back but he will forever be in our hearts and Wall.

Dead body found

Smells Fishy

Caption: Elmore Bank in 16th Street. Opened since 1813.

Something was smelling bad at Elmore Bank. Finally Mr.Adams could tell where it was coming from, a volt. The bad news was he couldn't open it, good thing Jimmy Valentine had married his daughter. Jimmy could open almost every volt in the country, but he had decided to only use it for good things. What Jimmy found was horrifying. He found a dead body at 11:34 pm on Tuesday, October 22. The body was of a young woman with her neck half way slit. After a couple weeks of thinking the detectives found the murder. John Carden, age 45, was sent to jail on November 6, for a sentence of 50 years. The body was of Jane Routh. No more details were given.

Dear Alice,

Dear Alice, my best friend is dating my crush Teresa. I've liked her since third grade!They seem so happy and in love. It is always awkward when I'm with them. Should I tell Victor,or tell Teresa, or stop hanging out with them.I can't just stand there anymore and do nothing. I am extremely confused. I really want to punch Victor, but what did he do? Please give me advice. -HEARTBROKEN IN FRESNO

Dear HEARTBROKEN IN FRESNO, I understand that you like Teresa but try to let go. I am sure you can go on.If your close enough to Victor then go ahead and tell him. You don't have to stop being close to them, but find other friends. Plus, the odds of them getting married is very slim so maybe you will have a chance with Teresa.

The Champion 1993-2013

Antonio Cruz was born on March 27,1993 from Victoria and Jose Cruz. He grew up on the lower east side of Manhattan with his best friend Felix Vargas. Antonio had been born with boxing skills;he was fair,lean,and lanky. Much of his childhood he spent play fighting with Felix or collecting boxing cards. It all made since that he was a really good boxer, winning medals for his town. He was the winner of the Golden Gloves Tournament. Many people heard about this, including Bobby Joe the person in charged of the U.S.A boxing. Bobby liked Antonio so much that he invited him to Chicago to practice with the U.S boxing team. Sadly his airplane arrival didn't ever happen, it crashed with Antonio and other people in it. Antonio will always be our champion. Long life the champ!

Run Far 2013!

This Saturday in Neverland you can run eight miles with the amazing "Zebra". Adam Martin Zebrin loved to run. Unfortunately he had an accident running and the doctors said he will never run like he used to. Zebra never gave up and now he is better then ever. The marathon is for everyone of all ages. In the end their will be a celebration with food and games. Zebra will stop every where in Literature nation, so look at to check if there is a marathon near you. Come on!

Zebra picked very beautiful trails!