An Interview With Ms.Nazer

Hannah McAdams

Background Information

Ms. Nazer is a Tomball High School graduate as well as a grad from the University of Saint Thomas. While at Saint Thomas Ms.Nazer received her Bachelors in of Education in English Language Arts and Reading for grades 8-12th. She has taught Creative Writing, English 1 (PAP and on level), English 2 (PAP), English 4 (on level) and is currently teaching English 1 PAP and English 3 AP. Ms. Nazer has been teaching at Tomball High School for three years now.

Three Words That Describe Ms.Nazer

1. Hardworking- Ms. Nazer is hardworking and dedicated to her students. Ms. Nazer works about 70-80 hours a week tutoring, grading papers, doing lesson plans, attending meetings and trainings, and teaching. She sometimes stays at the school until 6 pm and then takes even more work home to grade or go through.

2. Caring- Ms. Nazer is caring for her students by listening and helping them understand their work and take the time to not only to see how her students are doing and how life is going but to make sure they understand and help them get a better grade in her class.

3. Flexible- Ms. Nazer is willing to work with the students outside the school around their schedules for sports. For example, she could tell her student who is involved in a sport to come after practice. Ms. Nazer is also flexible because even when things don't go according to plan she works through it.

Life In Ms.Nazer's Room

In Ms. Nazer's classroom it is a fun and easy-going environment. The walls are decorated with things Ms. Nazer loves or pertains to the students and learning. For example, Ms. Nazer has pictures of characters of Harry Potter (due to her love of the books) that show what characteristics each character taught throughout the books. She also has pictures of memes that we kids know and use today that have sayings about the classroom and learning. For example, she has a picture of Beyonce dancing to her song Single Ladies that says, " If you want a grade on it, put your name on it."

Ms. Nazer is a very amazing teacher and uses different techniques in the classroom to help her students learn. In her lessons, she adds humor and relatable situations to the lesson to keep her students engaged and willing to learn (or at least listen). Ms.Nazer also works with students to figure things out before making them do it themselves. When doing a reading assignment, Ms.Nazer asks for volunteers to read the story aloud so that students who are more of a listener can hear it and students who are more of a visual person can read along.

Ms. Nazer has very good classroom management techniques in the classroom. Before starting the class Ms.Nazer gives announcements about upcoming due dates, homework, and tests. Ms.Nazer has the students sit in groups to collaborate ideas or ask questions.

Ms. Nazer works on average about 70-80 hours a week doing various different things.

On a scale of 1-10 Ms. Nazer said that you need a 12 in self-motivation or nothing gets done in this job. Ms. Nazer's biggest challenge as a teacher is administrative duties and papers. The biggest reward is helping someone who isnt getting something and then they finally get it and how excited you both get.

The Life of Teaching

No one said teaching was easy,

the kids are always loud, obnoxious,

and they don't always make it breezy.

The work hours are long and hard,

it feels like everyone is ready to bombard.

Parents are calling upset at their kids grade,

administratives wanting to invade.

Students asking about this and that,

and there's always that one brat.

The look on your students face though,

makes it all worth it,

when you know they almost gave up and quit.

The joy in there face when it finally clicks,

is the fuel that helps all teachers tick.

No one said teaching was easy.

but at the end of the day,

you can honestly say,

I made an impact on a kid,

and that's better than anyone else ever did.


Ms. Nazer is as smart as Einstein.
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