Web Safety

how to stay safe online

How to create a strong password:

Creating a strong password is easy. all you have to do is use a combination of letters, symbols and numbers.

How to secure your wireless system:

To make your wireless secure, add a password, so you can choose who uses it, and who doesn't.

Social Networking Sites

When using these sites, make sure you only add poeple you know. Also use privacy settings so those you dont know, can't look on your page.

scare ware

When a scare ware pop up pops up, click x, and do not click the link that it will have. If you are worried afterwards, run an antivirus scan.

anti virus

to support your computer, buy a anti virus software (e.g. norton, avg). you use this if you think you have a virus to check your computer.

mobile safety

Always turn off your bluetooth after using it, because your phone could be hacked through this. They could read messages, look at photos, and take your details.

fake websites

A real website for online shopping will have http(s) at the start of the web address. if it does not have this at the start, it could be a fake site.