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A literacy leader must first and foremost build relationships with teachers, administrators, parents and students. Progress is not possible without the engagement and collaboration of all parties. It is important to keep in mind that the primary goal of a literacy coach/leader is to improve student learning by strengthening the quality of teaching and learning.

Professional Resources

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Picture Books and Novels

Good Night iPad (parody of Good Night Moon)
Dot (great world to self connection)
The Brief Thief (fun and engaging text/inferencing/predicting/drama/writing)
The Taking Tree (parody of The Giving Tree)
Rainbow Crow (consider for use with story telling and grade 5 Social Studies)
LaRue for Mayor (consider for use with grade 5 Social Studies)

Moo Who?/Piggie Pie/Bad Boys (Anything by Margie Palatini...excellent teachable texts)

If (great questioning book)

Tuesday (inferencing, questioning)

Encounter (Critical Literacy; Social Studies)

Classroom Ideas, Games and Teaching Strategies

Dot Survey
It Says, I Say, And So...
That`s Me
Alphabet Game

Alphabet Race

Quick Write on a given topic... then work with group to create group poetry

Touch Blue (Red Elbow)

Game: What's my noun? (like headbanz) good idea for teaching content vocabulary

Happiness Improves Productivity

Ideas for building classroom relationships.

Check it out:

Readers Theatre

A excellent opportunity to help students develop fluency through fun and dramatic play with words.
Ideas: Start with a really engaging text! Show students examples of readers theatre production (check out youtube). Co-create success criteria with students before allowing time to practice and prepare. Video students as a "dress rehearsal" to allow students to give and receive feedback on their work. Modify success criteria as needed. Time for practice and rehearsal. Final performance (record).

Script Idea: The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

**Media Literacy Idea: Check out the Video

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Word Study

Check it out: Word Crimes by Weird Al
"Weird Al" Yankovic - Word Crimes
Word Study Ideas:
Parent Home Challenge; students bring home scrambled letters of a word we studied in class, parents try to figure out the big word and see how many smaller words they can make.
Making words using a set of letters, students give clues to make new words.
E.g., PACE (exchange a letter to make a word that means go fast) RACE
This would be a good way to teach students lessons about Prefixes/Suffixes
or other word family lessons.

Diagnostic: Words Their Way
To help guide what spelling rules and patterns students are struggling with

Excellent website: