The Icebound Land

Ranger's Apprentice Book 3

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An arrow to the heart is all it takes

"The arrow arced in underneath the slanted shield and punched into the breastplate with barely a check to it's speed and force. Deparnieux heard it. A dull impact of metal on metal-more a metallic thud than a ringing tone. He wondered what it was. Then he felt a small core of intense pain, a bright flare of agony, that began in his left side and expanded rapidly until it engulfed his entire body. He never felt the impact as his body hit the grassy field."

Why should you buy the longbow? Well first of all, the longbow can give you a ranged advantage over opponents. You can also use it to defend yourself against criminals when they break into your house or attack you. Remember, any criminals wielding a knife can easily be shot down with the bow. My slogan explains that all it takes to kill someone is to just fire an arrow at their heart. And just like that, they will be dead. There is no use in fighting with melee weapons as it will take a while for anyone to reveal an opening, which would give the opponent a chance to land a blow that might not be very effective. My quotation shows how easy it is to land that killing blow on someone using the longbow. For example, in my quotation it took just one arrow in the breastplate and the armoured knight was dead. So if you have the longbow, defending yourself will be very easy and simple.

Author: John Flanagan

Genre: Adventure