BLEACHERS by: John Grisham


The protagonist in the book is Neely Crenshaw. He faces several problems in his life. One of the problems he faces is being an All American quarter back in high school and getting a scholarship to play college football when he ends up getting a career ending knee injury.
Another problem he faces is in the 1987 state championship game his team was down 31-0 at halftime. Their was a fight in the locker room at halftime so Silo Mooney tells the coaches to stay off the field and he has to call all the plays. He brings his team back and ends up winning with a broken right hand because of the locker room fight between him and his coaches.
Finally a another big problem Neely faces is his legendary coaches death. His coach passed away when he had come back to the town. At the funeral the coach ask him to do a eulogy from his grave. Neely of course has to do it. He ends up doing a a great speech and towards the end he realized he really did love coach Rake.


The bleachers of the Messina high school football field was a huge part of the book. When all the great players like Neely Crenshaw and Silo Mooney came back to Messina they would sit in the bleachers and talk about recent memories. They would drink beer and have a good time. Below is an example of bleachers.
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Eddie Rakes Funeral

This was a very sad part in the book. Their coach who had accomplished great things for their school had passed away. He brought !3 state championships and several hundred wins.
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Messina Football

In the small town of Messina, football was a huge sport. Schools feared to play their football team. They were led by a division one quarter back Neely Crenshaw and they seemed to never lose at home.
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