How to be a successful student

Learn study habits

These help to prepare for tests, and quizzes

Listen in class

So you can do the right thing on your assignments

Participate in class discussions

Earn participation points in classes where those are in play, and helps you verify the right points of a subject

Do your work

You'll be more prepared for the test/quiz, and assignments can count for a good part of your grade

Turn assignments in on time

If they are late they won't count for as much credit

Ask good questions

It'll help you learn things you don't know, don't ask about video games in history class

Don't procrastinate

You will make a bad environment for yourself and others

Always come prepared

If you don't have the right tools you can't do certain things on your work
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Get good sleep

You'll be more awake and won't fall asleep in an important discussion

Learn test taking skills

Tests, quizzes, and exams are a huge part of your grade
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