7 Burgundy Newsletter


Upcoming Projects/Events

  • African Project Due Thursday, Feb. 27th
  • Geometry Project Due Monday, Feb 24th

Social Studies


We finished our China unit with a trip to Super China Buffet, also tying in with the Chinese New Year. I would like to thank all students who attended for their awesome behavior while at the restaurant and their thankfulness expressed to the restaurant employees! I am so proud of these kiddos!

We have now turned our focus to Africa. Beginning with its geography, students are becoming more aware of how geography impacts the way people live. Students will be researching an African country and then creating a project of their choice, an electronic quilt or a shoe box float. Project is due Thursday, Feb. 27th.

I would also like to point out students are reading a short novel in Language Arts that ties in to our study of Africa. This should be sparking some discussion at the dinner table.

Language Arts

This month in Language Arts we are supplementing the Social Studies curriculum by reading "A Long Walk to Water" by Linda Sue Park. This book details the experiences of one of the Lost Boys of Sudan and of a young girl who walked eight hours a day to bring her family water. Our LA focus while reading this novel is on:

- how juxtaposing multiple characters help authors develop and contrast points of view

- how reading from different texts about the same topic can build understanding

- working effectively with classmates in discussion

- reading for gist

- determining central ideas or themes of literary text


We have started learning about the human body! This past week, students learned about the Skeletal and Muscular Systems. For this particular unit, the students did a series of rotations. Students were responsible to complete 5 stations and 5 different homework choices. All work is due Friday, February 7th. To end this unit, there will be a test on these two body systems on Monday, February 10th. The rest if the month, students will be learning about the Circulatory and Respiratory Systems.

Important Dates:

Skeletal & Muscular Systems station and homework choices due Friday, 2/7

Skeletal & Muscular Systems test on Monday, 2/10

"Heart Day" on 2/13

No school on 2/14 and 2/17

Circulatory System Travel Brochure due Monday 2/24


Both Pre-Algebra and Algebra are working on similar topics this month (geometry). Students will be exploring surface area and volume of prisms as well as reviewing how to find area of 2 dimensional shapes. Students will also be learning about angle theories near the end of the month. Students should have already started their geometry project, "I have a shrinking feeling". This is an extensive out of class project that students are completing independently. All the documents for this project are available on my webpage. The project is due Monday February 24th. Students will have their geometry test on Thursday the 27th (Algebra will have a 2 part test on Wednesday and Thursday).