MARCHing Into Spring


Welcome from your Stone Creek HOA Board Members

Jeff Robinson, President

Kyle Creasy, Vice President

Alison Hoffman, Treasurer

Brett Glennon, Secretary

Brad Vinson, Director

Mary Ellen Botter Jackson, Director

Deborah Kauffman, Director

Catherine Soto, Director & Newsletter Editor

Are You Interested in Volunteering? We Need You!

Partner with Us in Helping to Serve our Stone Creek Families & Beautify our Community. Click on the image to the left to be redirected to a volunteer Form.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Q: When is an Irish potato not an Irish potato?
A: When it’s a french fry

Q: Yellow and blue combined you’ll see; if you don’t want a pinch, be sure to wear me! What am I?
A: The color green

Stone Creek Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Date: April 9th

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: North End of Park

What to Expect: Hundreds of eggs, a visit from the Easter bunny, & snacks for everyone to enjoy. We look forward to seeing you!

Looking To Make Home Improvements

Are you looking to make architectural changes to your home this year? If so, please remember to submit all requests for exterior changes to the Stone Creek Architectural Committee.

The Request Form can be found on our community website under Documents.

New Bulk Trash Schedule

Bulk Trash will now be on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Avoiding Issues with Coyotes

Coyotes rarely attack people but do attack pets. To reduce the chance of having unpleasant encounters with coyotes: Construct and position bird feeders so that coyotes and their prey (squirrels & rodents) cannot get to the feed, Secure garbage and/or compost piles where coyotes cannot get to them, Feed pets indoors whenever possible, Pick up any leftovers when feeding outdoors, Store pet food where wildlife cannot reach it, Do not allow pets to run free, Provide secure nighttime housing for your pet, Walk your dog on a leash & accompany your pet outside, especially at night. If you start seeing coyotes around your home or property, chase them away by shouting, making loud noises, & throwing sticks.

Prosper ISD Grounded by Tradition, Soaring to New Beginnings

New to Prosper ISD? Here's what you need to know.

Your zoned PISD campuses include Rucker Elementary, Reynolds Middle School, and Prosper High School Home of the Eagles.

Prosper Parents District Directory